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ginkgo eternity rings

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

14K white gold ginkgo ring with green diamond

Just some images of my standard ginkgo band with some added stones. This is a little green diamond; 14K white gold.

14K ginkgo ring with fancy color sapphires

This is another I did using fancy color sapphires (and one green diamond) in 14K yellow gold. More photos after the jump..


susie’s cyclamen pendant

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Art nouveau pendant - 18K

18K yellow gold art nouveau-style pendant with cyclamen motif. This is a pendant riff off a ring I did a while back:

Art nouveau ring - 18K

Art nouveau pendant - 18K

The original design sketch. I ended up making two of these: this one-of-a-kind version for a client, and a second version with a different flower style that I will develop ultimately as a piece for the shop.

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daniel & alicia’s storybook bands

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Carved storybook wedding bands - Platinum

These wedding bands tell the story of a relationship. Daniel & Alicia chose a number of themes and motifs that were personal and significant to them, I made a million sketches, and when we finally got the design nailed down, I began to carve.

The rings were ultimately cast into platinum (Pt950/PtRu). His is 6mm width and hers, 4mm.

Carved storybook wedding bands - Platinum

A pair of parrot feathers.

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morning glory ring

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Morning glory ring, purple sapphire, diamond, 14K Palladium white gold

Ring carved with morning glory motif. I went very three-dimensional here—kind of a Rivendell vibe. 14K palladium white gold, lavender sapphire and diamond.

Morning glory ring, purple sapphire, diamond, 14K Palladium white gold

I don’t often use the palladium white gold alloys (14K or 18K palladium white gold); it amazes me how every alloy is different from one another. The color of the 14KPd white is deeper—steelier even—than the standard 14K alloy I normally use (nickel alloy). I feel like it also takes a more intense polish than the 14K nickel white, but maybe it is an illusion of the darker color.

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