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david & aurora’s solar bands

Monday, October 8th, 2012

18K Solar Surface wedding bands w/yellow diamonds

More AWESOMENESS, I mean, space jewelry! You might remember the spacey rings, then the moon bands of yesteryear.. Well, in continuation of the celestial theme, I present: Solar Surface Wedding Bands!

He is a software engineer at a solar power plant company and she is a theoretical physicist graduate student studying models that predict the behavior of plasmas at surface temperatures of the sun. They were intrigued with the lunar landscape bands and were wondering how it might work to have solar landscape bands.

18K Solar Surface wedding bands w/yellow diamonds

This was a lot more abstract of a concept than the lunar map rings, since the surface of the sun is constantly in flux. On the other hand, I had a lot of material to pull from. I really love how these turned out!

Sunspots - photo by Alan Friedman
[Photo graciously permitted by Alan Friedman; I highly recommend checking out his website—some amazing photos here.]

Once again, I mined the internets for inspirational sun images. It kind of blows my mind that such detailed photos of the sun can even be taken.

close-up of sunspot


I tried to capture the effect of the sun’s surface with the roiling feathery parts vs the granular bits, with sun spots and hot spots. The rings were cast in 18K gold and included little yellow diamonds at the hot spots.

Basically, the rings I carved would totally waste our satellites and toast our electrical grid.

Please click through to see a bunch more detail shots… (more…)

low-profile ginkgo bands

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

14K low-profile ginkgo leaf wedding bands

Low-profile scattered ginkgo leaf wedding bands in 14K yellow gold.

hello lovelies!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


I’ve been up to my eyeballs in custom orders these days. I never know quite what to expect with wedding season somehow and these past two months were the busiest I’ve ever been! I wanted to share this lovely batch of solitaires. These are a combination of 14K white gold, palladium, platinum, diamonds and one moissanite!

Diamond solitaire with emerald side stone; Palladium

This one was the customer’s 1+ carat stone and we added a little green emerald moon. I really love how this turned out. (It is palladium and the low-profile solitaire style.)

Diamond solitaire with emerald side stone; Palladium