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dragon lily solitaire

Thursday, October 30th, 2014


14K dragon-lily ring. This ring has a tiny carved dragon head on one side of the stone, a natural Burmese ruby, then the body winds orobouros-style around the finger. On the other side of the stone is a lily, the wearer’s favorite flower.


It was really hard to photograph this ring for some reason; I felt like I just couldn’t quite capture the depth and detail from the dragon head. And I really liked how my dragon turned out; he had a good look about him.

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8mm solitaire!

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

1.75ct palladium solitaire

Okay, it’s actually 7.85mm, but close enough; that works out to about 1.75ct. This is the low-profile solitaire adjusted to accommodate a fabulous sparkling giant of a stone (an Amora moissanite in this case). I even got to make it in my size!

1.75ct palladium solitaire w/22K band

The solitaire is palladium, which is a super bright white metal. I love how it looks with higher karat gold; here the narrow leaf band is 18K and the wider ridged band is 22K.

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arabesque edge band

Monday, October 6th, 2014


This is the man’s band I made to match with the arabesque eternity ring. I love how the super subtle intaglio-style carving along the edge here turned out. This one is 14K palladium white gold.


Check out the reflection in the band of my photo booth: looks like I’m inside an ice cave with a nice sandy floor. And with a large black boulder near the entrance (that would be my lens). Pretty cool!