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bur oak bands

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

18K burr oak wedding bands

I have done white oak bands in the past, and this time, I had a specific request to design a pair of wedding bands using a bur oak motif. I had actually never heard of bur oaks, but google told me all about them. They have interestingly shaped leaves (they are also very large; dark glossy green on top, and whitish/silvery green underneath) with almost a “waist” in the middle, the end with less defined lobes compared with a classic white oak leaf. The bark is super gnarly and deeply furrowed and the twigs have a lot of interesting texture.

Some day I’m going to run across one of these trees and I’m going to know exactly what it is. It’ll be a very exciting day.

18K burr oak wedding bands

These are done in 18K white gold, and 18K green gold. I had not yet had a chance to work in green gold, and the 18K is extremely subtle. Not GREEN-green necessarily, but a very slightly greenish gold color. I really like it!

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giant tree – waterfall – spiral storybook band

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

14K tree-waterfall-spiral storybook band

My clients sent me photos of the scenes they had in mind for this ring: a flipping ginormous gnarly old tree in Scotland, a foresty waterfall, and a rock carving form Ireland. Then I carved them around the ring! 14K white gold.

14K tree-waterfall-spiral storybook band

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