2 thoughts on “custom carved jewelry in process

  1. Annie

    Hello, I love your tapered poppy band (without stones), from last March. You show it in 18K white gold, which I would like to compare to 14K yellow gold for price. Could you please let me know what each would cost in a size 8.5? And if you have a photo of this ring in yellow gold, I’d love to see that too, to help with my choice. Thanks so much! Annie

  2. admin Post author

    Hi!! I do frequently have studio samples that I sell at a discount (either prototypes of designs that I no longer need to hold onto, or goofs where I accidentally cast something into the wrong gold color! It’s happened…)

    Annie–I have already sent an email to you with more details 🙂 And anyone else who has questions about anything specific you see on the blog, please send me an email and I’ll get you quotes, timing, etc. cheyenneweil@gmail.com –thank you!!

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