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Yvonne & Cas' wedding rings

This is my second time purchasing from this shop and I would absolutely recommend it! I had already purchased the Narrow Roses ring as my wedding band and loved it so much that I reached out in the hopes of creating a matching necklace to give to my stepdaughter during the wedding ceremony. Cheyenne took my suggestions into consideration and created something beautiful and unique that brought tears to my eyes! She was responsive and communicative throughout the process, sending photos and updates along the way. I received the item just as promised, in plenty of time for the wedding, and it was beautifully presented. I highly recommend this artist if you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry and excellent customer service. Thank you, Cheyenne!

Lisa, December 2018

Sooooo beautiful! Cheyenne has mastery in her craft! Fits perfectly. Cheyenne really made this online, “sight unseen” process feel as if I were right there with her. She included me in all decisions and I’m so very impressed with the outcome.
I’m singing her praises !!

Emily, June 2018

I can’t say enough about Cheyenne and her work. I love this ring so much! It’s absolutely perfect. Cheyenne had to size down her original squid ring design to fit a size 5, and she did it more smoothly and beautifully than I thought would even be possible. It’s an absolutely stunning piece, and it fits perfectly. She was also super fast, very communicative, and patient with all of my inquiries and requests. I’d give her 10 stars if it were possible. Thank you Cheyenne!

Annalise, February 2018

These are but three of the more newish comments copied from my Etsy Reviews (there are many, many more at the link). I so appreciate each and every comment my lovely clients took the time and effort to write for me. They are unbelievably, incredibly sweet; it makes me blush and tear up at the same time. Shucks, you guys!

Over the past several years, I have made many pieces for clients that have not been through Etsy, and heretofore did not have an organized place where feedback could be left. Therefore, I would love to invite anyone for whom I’ve made something to please comment here. Thank you, sincerely.

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  1. Susie

    I am a long-time customer of Cheyenne and first found her on Etsy a few years back. I’ve ‘graduated’ from purchasing a few of her ready made pieces to working with Cheyenne to create several stunning custom jewelry pieces. She’s an artist of the highest caliber, a sculptor really, an art form I’ve always loved. Each of my pieces of jewelry made by Cheyenne are works of art; they’re timeless, impeccably crafted, and working with her is a dream. I can’t say enough about Cheyenne and her artwork through jewelry. I cherish each and every piece I own. I see this as heirloom jewelry that will be worn by my daughter one day…

  2. Saeran

    I’m not sure what I would do without Cheyenne. She is my favorite jeweler, kindred spirit, gem hunter, maker of The Things in My Head, delightful pen pal, and all around fascinating and kind human. Her technical ability never ceases to astound me. I have seven rings from Cheyenne, 2 of which are extremely elaborate custom pieces that garner attention wherever I go. We have two more custom projects currently in the works and a couple more coming that she doesn’t even know about yet. Cheyenne is my favorite person to do projects with; I trust her implicitly. Her eye for detail, her artistic aesthetic, her singular skill and her generosity are unparalleled. I love to talk to people about Cheyenne’s work and I send them her way every chance I get. I’m proud to own some of her art and I will cherish these pieces for the rest of my life.

  3. Stephanie

    I could not possibly say enough good things about Cheyenne and her work. I have bought many rings over the years, but each of Cheyenne’s creations are absolutely second to none. I currently own 2 of her creations, one of which was a custom piece which she created for my now fiancé and I. I had originally stumbled across Cheyenne via Google when I had been searching for a unique styled mermaid ring to add to my collection. The ring I received was nothing short of stunning. When she says her rings have a delicious weighty feel, she’s not kidding. The ring was satisfyingly heavy and solid, rather than the hollowed out weightless gold you find in other jewelry stores, and the craftsmanship was astounding. She very quickly became my favorite jeweler and I will never turn back. After seeing my first ring from her, I knew I Wouldn’t be looking anywhere else when my boyfriend and I went searching for an engagement ring. She helped us through every single step of the process with many emails back and forth discussing each detail thoroughly before sending over sketched designs which lead to carved wax pieces and eventually a solid gold ring. Although I had been involved in every step of the process, I was still overwhelmed when I got to see the actual ring in person. (Although my emotions were already all over the place because I had just gotten engaged!!) Before my ring was even on my finger, I contacted Cheyenne to help us create a custom ring for my fiancé and I’m more than sure that ring will be phenomenal as well. Cheyenne has been so patient and kind and just the perfect person to work with on such special pieces that will undoubtedly last a lifetime, and beyond. Thank you so much for everything!!!!! You have gained 2 more lifelong clients, that’s for darn sure!

  4. Yannah

    I love my ring from Cheyenne. I first fell in love with the design when my dad gifted one to my mom on their wedding anniversary. After I saw it, I knew I had to have one for myself. I received mine as my graduation present and I don’t think I took it off for months. My ring is a simple band with beautifully detailed roses all around it. I have smaller hands and my constant worry with rings is that they will look too big and bulky, but this one is the perfect size and weight. How she gets all that detail on such a small and delicate ring amazes me!

  5. Korin

    MAGIC!! In one word to sum up the experience of working with Cheyenne. She has a supernatural ability to animate and give life to the pieces she creates. From the spirited excuted intricate details to the substantial quality and feel of her artistry, it’s a bar that is raised far higher than most standards. I applaud her one woman show with the utmost respect, you know that every piece she creates comes from a place that does not dilute what so many have done in this industry. It truly is a marvel and a honor to be able to wear her beautiful pieces. Graciously and ever so grateful to you Cheyenne for the MAGIC you bring into our lives ❤️

  6. Warren

    Okay, jewelry is not my thing. But my lovely spouse enjoys jewelry and has a fine eye for artistic jewelry. Buying jewelry for her can be overwhelming. This is where Cheyenne comes in. She has a great design style which is well loved. Maybe more importantly, I was able to work with Cheyenne to pick out a piece of jewelry that my wife loved. Trepidation becomes joy. For both my wife and for me. So, for those of you who are shopping for someone else, this is a place to shop with confidence. Although, if you are like me, you’ll need to wait until you see the huge smile on her face before you feel certain about your choice.

  7. Annalise

    Everything that Cheyenne creates is alive, there’s no other way to describe it. This is my second piece of Cheyenne’s and somehow it was even more of a lovely experience than the first time. I first discovered her work in a random google discovery that led me to her squid ring sometime around 2012. I never forgot it, and 6 years later she designed a custom rose gold squid band for my wedding. It was the most stunning artistry I’ve ever seen — so much detail in such a small and comfortable to wear package, with such pleasing weight. This time she worked with me and my many questions to create a custom rose gold ouroboros pendant with a champagne diamond. It is stunning. I’ve been obsessed with the ouroboros since I was a kid (I watched a LOT of Neverending Story) and ever since I saw her design I hoped to have one of my own. It is the most alive, soft, warm incarnation of a snake — something I had imagined but never thought to see executed so perfectly. She answered every one of my questions, including all of my scattered mid-design tangents about what stone to use and brushed vs. polished finishes. She is kind, patient, and an incredible artist. I don’t want to wear anything she hasn’t created, and I look forward to one day working on a truly custom piece with her. What she creates is utterly unique and incredibly special, and working with her even more so.

  8. Steve

    As a typical guy who doesn’t know squat about jewelry, Cheyenne did an amazing job of walking me through the entire process step by step to pick the right type of design, metal, and jewel for the engagement ring. On top of all that, the piece is absolutely stunning. All of our friends can’t stop talking and asking questions about the ring and how unique and beautiful it is! Anyways, this is definitely the place to shop if you want custom made jewelry, highly recommend! Thank you so much for the help, Cheyenne!

  9. Johanna Goodlin

    Just got my Mother’s Day gift! A beautiful pendant and chain designed by you and my oldest son. I have to say I’ve never had a piece of jewelry with as much beauty and quality! Your talents are appreciated by us! , will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you

  10. Elin E

    I’ve had two custom orders with Cheyenne and I’m coming back for more. I love the pendants I’ve bought from her, the details are amazing and the process is very simple. I don’t have to have a final design in mind usually I just have a motif in mind such as combining roses and a Phoenix. Cheyenne makes sketches and we move on from there. If you want to have heirloom jewelry then I truly suggest making a custom order with Cheyenne you won’t be disappointed.

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