dragonfly & sapphire ring

Custom designed & hand-carved Dragonfly & Sapphire ring, 18K, with diamonds

We started with a dragonfly and morning glory motif for this gorgeous blue sapphire. Then this was whittled down to only dragonflies because the two motifs together were feeling a bit cumbersome somehow.. But then I was thinking about what to carve along the elongated body of the insect, and going back to the morning glory motif ended up being perfect. Lends a bit of additional fairytale whimsy to the design.

Sapphire, diamonds, 18K yellow gold.

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sphinx cat pendant

Custom designed Sphinx Cat pendant with Australian Opal and diamonds, 18K and 14K gold.

Cats actually are quite hard for me to carve, for some reason. I decided to give this Sphinx cat a go because they are so interesting looking and I thought all the wrinkles would be fun. I also was experimenting with the two-tone, 18K yellow gold & 14K white gold, something I don’t do very often. The clasp has an Australian opal and the clasp loop has a pair of little diamonds as well.

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