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virgin of guadalupe with potatoes

Virgin with potatoes

I know this is a departure from the usual fare, but I wanted to post a quick plug for my mom’s new blog. She’s been volunteering in a tiny medical clinic across the border in Nogales, Mexico for the past several months. She was sending us the most interesting stories of her days there and now you can read them too: arroya.org.

I live 5 miles from the Mexican border in Arizona on a ranch in a remote part of the Sonoran desert. Migrants passing through our desert seeking economic relief and work—any work— die within a few short miles of my home. I have been an RN for 45 years, and am retired—I was so through with health care. And then I read of the numbers of deaths so close to home. So I’m back—doing the most profound nursing care I’ve ever done.

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  1. Peg Bowden

    How lovely to post my rants about Mexico and our border situation. I just returned from Dia de los Muertos in Nogales and had such a wonderful time. I took a bunch of photos—it was so colorful and lively. The Mexicans do know how to party and have a good time. And it doesn’t take buckets of money either. Thanks for helping me get the word out about our neighbors to the South. Abrazos, yo Mama

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