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high-profile peruzzi solitaire

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
High-profile Peruzzi/Old Mine cut diamond solitaire, 1ct, 18K

Look at that chunky crown! This is a ~1ct Peruzzi cut/Old Mine cut diamond, set in my high-profile solitaire mounting. I’d say they play well together 🙂


custom carnelian ring

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021
Custom designed & hand-carved Snake ring set with carnelian and antique Old European cut diamonds; cicada & Pleiades motifs on shoulders, dogwood blossom on the base.

This ring turned out wonderfully! Custom snake ring curled around a jelly-orange carnelian. Shoulders are carved with an Old European cut diamond-set cicada, and the Pleiades constellation with the central Maia star also an Old European cut diamond.

Custom designed & hand-carved Snake ring set with carnelian and antique Old European cut diamonds; cicada & Pleiades motifs on shoulders, dogwood blossom on the base.

The base has a dogwood flower carved on the inside curling around the base to the outside. Just a little something-something. More photos after the click:


“connie” pendant

Sunday, November 14th, 2021
Custom hand-carved shepherd portrait pendant, 14K

Portrait of Connie, who was a very good dog. 14K yellow gold.


chinese dragons wedding band

Friday, November 12th, 2021
Custom designed & hand carved Chinese Dragons, peony leaves, with ruby orb wedding bands, 14K white gold

Chinese Dragons wedding band in 14K white gold, set with a ruby.


phoenix feather wedding band

Friday, November 12th, 2021
Custom designed & hand carved Phoenix Feathers wedding band in 14K yellow gold, set with blue sapphires

Phoenix Feather motif wedding band with a pair of cornflower blue sapphire ‘eyes.’


photo shoot!!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

I was invited to participate in a photoshoot! I’ve never done one before, so all the action was super interesting for me. The videos were shot & assembled by Glitch Films.

The behind-the-scenes video is also really cool:

I’m even in it! I feel he captured my natural flailiness quite well.

More after the click: (more…)

upcoming vacation: mid april to mid may

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hi everyone!

I want to get it out there that I’ll be out of the studio starting mid-April and I’ll be back mid-May. Those of you who have early summer weddings and are considering having a ring made, keep this in mind. I take around 4-6 weeks to make a piece (on the quicker side if it is one of my Etsy pieces; on the longer side if it is a fully new custom design & carving).

If you need to have your ring(s) before I leave, I will need to have your orders in by the first week of March (2nd week at the latest!). Of course I can also begin your piece before I leave, then finish it when I return; just realize that there will be an additional month in there when I’ll not be in the studio working on your rings.

I’ll be in email contact, though with less frequency, throughout my vacation.

Anyway, now is the time to ask your questions, run your ideas by me, get quotes, etc. if you have been thinking of having a ring made!

Thank you!! ~cheyenne

david & aurora’s solar bands

Monday, October 8th, 2012

18K Solar Surface wedding bands w/yellow diamonds

More AWESOMENESS, I mean, space jewelry! You might remember the spacey rings, then the moon bands of yesteryear.. Well, in continuation of the celestial theme, I present: Solar Surface Wedding Bands!

He is a software engineer at a solar power plant company and she is a theoretical physicist graduate student studying models that predict the behavior of plasmas at surface temperatures of the sun. They were intrigued with the lunar landscape bands and were wondering how it might work to have solar landscape bands.

18K Solar Surface wedding bands w/yellow diamonds

This was a lot more abstract of a concept than the lunar map rings, since the surface of the sun is constantly in flux. On the other hand, I had a lot of material to pull from. I really love how these turned out!

Sunspots - photo by Alan Friedman
[Photo graciously permitted by Alan Friedman; I highly recommend checking out his website—some amazing photos here.]

Once again, I mined the internets for inspirational sun images. It kind of blows my mind that such detailed photos of the sun can even be taken.

close-up of sunspot


I tried to capture the effect of the sun’s surface with the roiling feathery parts vs the granular bits, with sun spots and hot spots. The rings were cast in 18K gold and included little yellow diamonds at the hot spots.

Basically, the rings I carved would totally waste our satellites and toast our electrical grid.

Please click through to see a bunch more detail shots… (more…)

y+c wedding photos

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire

I love it when people send me photos from their weddings, or just of their happy selves wearing my jewelry. I do 99% of my business online and it’s so nice to put a face and personality to the rings I make. I made these rings for Yvonne & Cas last year and was so excited to see the amazing photos from their wedding in The Netherlands.

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

Two more photos of the Mistletoe solitaire (courtesy of Yvonne). The diamond was an amazing 1.7ct purchased in Europe. Because of the tricky customs dance between here and there, I made the mounting and the stone was set in Holland. I was super happy to see photos of the ring all in one piece! Back to the gorgeous wedding…

Yvonne + Cas wedding

18K white gold mistletoe wedding bands and diamond solitaire

Yvonne + Cas wedding

Wedding photos (all except the two close-ups of the solitaire being worn) are all from Velvetine photography studio in The Netherlands. You can see the full set (and better, close-up versions of the ones I posted here) on their blog.

new low-profile solitaire

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Low-profile solitaire in palladium 950

This is a low profile version of my solitaire engagement ring. It’s super simple compared to the carving craziness I usually create, but I really love this sleek little design. This one is made of Palladium 950 and has a 5.5mm moissanite stone. I just added it to my Etsy shop.

Low-profile solitaire in palladium 950

Many more images after the jump…