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Materials I Use


I can make my jewelry using gold (14K, 18K, white, yellow, rose, 22K yellow), palladium white gold (14K, 18K), platinum, or palladium. Here is a breakdown of each alloy and the differences between them.

Metals used all come from SCS-certified refiners, such as Hoover & Strong,
who undergo extensive environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development.


I use only recycled/post-consumer (cleaned, sorted, graded) or new conflict-free certified diamonds (Kimberly Process Certified).

In addition to white diamonds—both newly cut or antique old-style cuts, I can get gorgeous natural champagne or cognac-colored diamonds. I also use lab-created diamonds (made in a fancy machine in a laboratory rather than dug out of the ground; these are identical in chemical composition to natural diamonds), and are ideal for those squeamish about destructive mining practices.

All diamonds greater than 1/4 carat (& even some that are 1/4ct) come with a GIA or AGS (or equivalent) grading certificate.

Recycling Old Gold Jewelry

I’ve had a lot of questions about melting down old broken gold jewelry to make a new piece. Unfortunately I can’t use old metal to cast a new piece, but what I can do is send your metal in to my refining company for cash and use this to offset the cost of a new piece. The payout is generally 98% gold market price for whatever fine gold is obtained from your jewelry (and I subtract shipping: $3 + insurance up to $25); however, if there is less than 1oz, there is a $25 charge. You might want to weigh what you have to decide if it is worth sending in. Send me an email if you are interested in this option, and I can get you the details.

Returns & Exchanges

Non-Custom Items

I will accept returns for non-custom ready-to-wear pieces (i.e., pieces that I already had made) if you contact me within 7 days of receipt & return ship within 14. You will need to contact me ASAP and then return the item (at your expense) to me in the original packaging and in original condition. I can issue either a full refund (minus shipping) or credit for another piece in the shop.

Custom Items

Customized shop items or fully custom-designed pieces are eligible for a partial refund from 30%-50% or credit (customized shop items more like 50% and fully custom-designed pieces, more towards the 30%). Stones involved can complicate issues so I would need to take things on a case-by-case basis. Again, contact me ASAP if you need to do this. The item must be returned at your expense in original condition and in original packaging. You must contact me within 7 days of receipt of item & return within 14.

Really though, let’s just not let this happen. Feel free to ask me all the questions you have in advance, let me know your concerns. I will send you photos of every step of the way (sketches, wax images, etc.) and when something starts to not look right, you will have ample opportunity to let me know so we can fix it.


If the item is a custom order, please allow at least ~4-6 weeks for me to make the piece (I can let you know a more accurate timeline via email when you order). If you have a wedding coming up, just let me know and I can make sure you get your rings in time 🙂 (Rush fee might apply–additional info below)

I ship ready-to-wear items within three days of receipt of payment. Multiple items may be shipped together (simply calculate total insurance cost).

Shipping to a Different Address

Contact me if you have special shipping instructions.

International Shipping

I DO ship internationally. Please let me know where you need me to ship and I can get a quote. Usually it is around $40-65. I ship USPS Registered mail + insurance. Registered mail is a very secure method of shipping; however, it is a little slower, so expect about 7-10 business days in transit.

Domestic Shipping

I ship USPS Priority (2-3 days) or Express (1-2), fully insured. Typically, I ship Priority Express only if the value is greater than $1500, but you can absolutely request an upgrade if you are in a rush.

Of course, if you are located in Portland and would prefer to pick up your piece and save on shipping, you are welcome to do so and I’d love to meet you 🙂


All pieces are sent out in lined jewelry boxes (which usually have their own cute little box) and come with a description card + care instructions. These are then carefully packed with padding inside a protective cardboard to protect the lot from the wilds of the Postal Services. A box in a box in a box. Yay!

Rush Orders

I hate to have to do it but I get a lot of requests for rush orders and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate them with my current workload. Therefore, if you need to rush your order, I’ll charge between $125-$175 additional for fully custom designed/carved orders and $75-$100 for the pieces listed in my Etsy shop. The range in price is because my workload can fluctuate quite a bit. Thank you for understanding!

Finding Your Finger Size

When ordering a ring to be made to size, please be absolutely sure you have the correct ring size. Go to a jewelry store and have them measure your finger using both a narrow measuring ring and a wide ring (or corresponding to the approx. width of the ring I’m making you). Having both gives me a better idea of the shape of your finger. Be sure to take into account how your fingers feel that day; i.e., the temperature at the time of sizing (your fingers can swell a little during warmer weather, shrink during cold dry weather—if you wear rings normally you probably have a good sense of whether you are having an average finger-size day).

If the ring has carved detail all the way around, it is not as easily re-sized once finished. However, if the bottom is smooth, it’s probably not a big deal if you need to resize it. Don’t worry if you are between sizes; just let me know all details that seem pertinent and I’ll make it to fit.