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nautilus shell earrings

18K hand-carved nautilus shell earrings with diamond and coral

These were sent to me by a client as coral drops solidly affixed to a prong diamond & hooks, no articulation. They were nice looking, as these coral pieces were just lovely, but had the unfortunate tendency to push themselves up off of her ears.

So, we redesigned them to articulate & reset the diamonds in little custom-carved nautilus-inspired shells.

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photo shoot!!

I was invited to participate in a photoshoot! I’ve never done one before, so all the action was super interesting for me. The videos were shot & assembled by Glitch Films.

The behind-the-scenes video is also really cool:

I’m even in it! I feel he captured my natural flailiness quite well.

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roses and ginkgos and bees!

Custom carved rose-ginkgo-honeybee pendant in 14K gold

This was a custom pendant + earring set carved with roses, ginkgo leaves, and little bees here and there. 14K white gold. I am so sorry my photos were funky on this one; I think this is why it took me so long to post. These guys turned out so nicely; I wish I had a better shot of the honeybees. I thought I did a pretty good job on them, if I may be so bold 🙂

Hand-carved rose ginkgo bee pendant + earrings, 14K

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rose-cut diamond and pearl drop earrings

ooak rose-cut diamond and Tahitian pearl drop earrings, 18K

One more pair of one-of-a-kind 18K earrings with rose-cut diamonds & pearl drops. The diamonds are both around 1.15 carat each (6mm in diameter) and the pearls measure approximately 11mm x 16mm. The black diamond has a white semi-baroque South Sea pearl, and the peachy pink diamond has a Tahitian pearl. I was so excited to get these guys together!

ooak rose-cut diamond and Tahitian pearl drop earrings, 18K

It’s hard to see in this photo, but I made little hook keepers on the backs of the earrings so that the ear wires tuck securely on. (I have another photo of the backs of them below.) Also, note the new earring photo set-up: magically floating earrings!

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ooak pearl drop earrings

OOAK rose-cut diamond & baroque pearl drop earrings, 18K

I don’t make earrings very often, but pearl drops are so perfect for them, and I love pearl drops. Also I love translucent colored diamonds and 18K gold. So, I made these earrings, and I love them! They are one-off carved pieces with a 6mm+ 1.23ct black high-domed rose-cut diamond in one, a peachy-golden 1.38ct rose-cut in the other, also just over 6mm with a nice high dome. The black diamond has a baroque golden pearl drop, and the golden diamond has an awesome Tahitian black pearl. The ear wires secure in the back of the earring behind a hook for security. These are located downtown PDX at French Quarter.

ooak 18K rose & baroque pearl drop earrings

Once I broke the mind-barrier with the above earrings, I went to town with these ginormous white Chinese freshwater baroque drops. I carved two little roses (they are both just free-handed, so each a tiny bit different) for these in 18K. I have a photo further down of the backs of the earrings so you can see the ear wire hooks. These pearls measure approx 18mm in length by 13.6mm width.

18K floral black & white pearl drop earrings

These little black & white pearl drops are dangled from little floral carved cups. Also 18K.

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