in the studio

gold rings in progress

In the studio today: a handful of some rings I’m finishing up. These guys go through a series of finishing processes: sawing sprues off, filing rough and fine, sanding discs and papers coarse, medium, fine, sanding bristles coarse, medium, med-fine, fine, polishing compound rough discs, bristles, then buffing wheels (wash after), polishing compound “flossing” through any openwork (wash), then final polishing: medium (wash) & fine to finish (wash yet again). (I’ll set the stones tomorrow.)

3 Responses to “in the studio”

  1. That’s a lot of work! Can’t wait to see them.

    Your hands look so lovely for doing all you do. Mine would always look so battered after studio work…

  2. admin says:

    Trick photography! No actually, I use a toothbrush on my own hands just as much as the jewelry to get all the polishing grit off in order not to pollute the next polishing step. It’s my face that looks dreadful by the end of the polishing day–raccoon eyes, mask print across my cheeks, black smudges on my neck from, I don’t know, stabbing at my neck with my dirty fingers.. I never figured that one out.

  3. Kresling says:

    What’s this hand doing in my category? You know I like necks.

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