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A very moody shot of my carving bench.

My name is Cheyenne Weil and I’m a full-time jeweler/designer out of Portland, Oregon. I specialize in custom-designed and hand-carved rings out of 100% recycled metals. My personal style tends to gravitate toward natural and botanical motifs, with hints at Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I did not study or train to make jewelry, however; rather, I got a really useful degree in History and Russian(!). It was a solid four years, but quite honestly, I probably should have majored in Art. (When’s the last time you heard someone say that?) I *never* imagined that I would end up doing art for a living, yet here I am. It makes me happy just typing that!

I have been making jewelry, in some fashion, for over 20 years, and selling officially through Etsy and elsewhere since 2010. I’m the sole owner, designer, wax carver, metal manipulator, polisher, stone setter, photographer, blog-poster, email-answerer, packager, and podcast jockey at Studio Cheyenne. Mostly I work via online, but if you ever find yourself in the area, send me a note; I’d be happy to meet up somewhere and show you some pieces in person.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: Feel free to email me with any questions you have at cheyenneweil@gmail.com

SHOP: Visit my shop: Gin & Butterflies.

FEEDBACK: Browse through client reviews of my pieces here, and also from Etsy, here.

OTHER PLACES: You can follow me on Instagram @cheyenneweiljewelry, and you can “like” me on Facebook here.

GALLERY OF PIECES: Browse through a gallery of pieces with links to details (just click the image you are interested in and you’ll link to more photos of it) here.


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Karly

    I just stumbled upon your work and I am stunned into silence. I have never been much for jewelry, and I certainly haven’t been actually moved by any pieces until I came across yours. My husband and I have talked about replacing our not-so-special-but-right-price wedding rings when we have a little bit more disposable income, but I haven’t actually looked forward to it until now. Anywho, your work is just simply incredible and I want to follow it, so I hope you don’t mind if I add your blog to my blog’s list of blogs/blogroll.

  2. Robert

    That black diamond set in that band is awesome. Wow. I think I am going to have to keep myself updated on your jewelry so that I can suprise my wife sometime soon!

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  4. Trupati Patel

    Hey loved your work. I was looking for a peacock ring design so that I can buy one. I loved your designs. Do you have any designs with a peacock feather? Just loved all your designs.

  5. Laalah

    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your work is. All of it is breathtaking. I especially love the custom ring that was made of the tree landscape. GORGEOUS!!!!i was searching tree themed rings because I love the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstien and that ring is beautiful. I will definitely be visiting your Etsy shop and I hooe you create more like the tree landscape!

  6. Edward

    I have been searching everywhere for a peacock wedding band, and I came across your site. Is this possible still? Please email me ASAP. Thank you!!!

  7. humberto

    I want to find out the price of oak rings and , they can be done in silver , and what is tjeh time frame to sendj

  8. Ewing Fox

    Wow… I am so impressed by your work! Do you ever work with palladium/ white gold alloys? I love the much whiter tones it can generate! Please reach out to me, I would like to discuss commissioning a piece!

  9. Gina

    Please contact me. I really like your rings and was thinking you might be able to design a ring that was stolen from me. It was given to me by my grandfather when I was a little girl. Had it resized to wear as an adult. Missing it fiercely. Would love to get in touch to discuss. Thanks.

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