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pair of ridged bands

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Hand-carved ridged bands, platinum

Just a simple and lovely set of brushed-finish ridged wedding bands in platinum. 3mm and 8mm I believe they were. More photos after the click: (more…)

hattaras point wedding bands

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Hattaras Point wedding bands, custom carveed

These wedding rings were really interesting and fun rings to carve. The groom was from Hatteras Island, NC and wanted his ring to have the types of waves seen off Hatteras Point carved around his band. There seems to be something of a convergence zone with two currents coming together and so the waves often come up into little splashing peaks. A photographer named Daniel Pullen has a series of photos of these waves in his “Cape Point” section.

For the bride’s ring, we did a more of a swirling stream with leaves floating along. Both rings are 14K gold.

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scattered ginkgo & diamonds

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Custom carved ginkgo leaves and pear diamond ring

This was a ring using the center diamond from my client’s maternal grandmother, and the side stones came from her paternal grandmother. I’ve never made this ring using anything but a round center stone, but the pear shape seemed like it would work all right so we went for it.

And I love how it turned out. The shape really is perfect in this ring. I really love to put together a ring with antique or sentimental family stones; it’s fun to muse about where the stones might have come from, all they might have seen, and having them together in a new piece is a nice reminder of the women from whom they came.

Custom carved ginkgo leaves and pear diamond ring

And of course ginkgo leaves are one of the best design motifs ever—interesting biological history + aesthetically pleasing = a perfect combination.

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crowned heart + dancing ladies

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Crowned heart + dancing girls custom carved ring, black diamond + rose-cut diamonds

Epic Crowned Heart & Dancing Ladies ring featuring an amazing 6.86ct 14mm+ black diamond heart, a tidy passel of rose-cut diamonds, an Old European cut diamond, and a little ruby. This ring was designed around this cool black heart and went through a lot of iterations en route to the finish line. It was so worth it—it turned out SO nicely!

Crowned heart + dancing girls custom carved ring, black diamond + rose-cut diamonds

Crowned heart + dancing girls custom carved ring, black diamond + rose-cut diamonds

Here’s a video of that stone in action too; it’s a glitter monster.

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new geometric solitaire

Friday, October 13th, 2017

1.5ct Geometric Art Deco Solitaire

New solitaire for the shop! This one is a little bit sturdier and made to accommodate stones in the 1.5ct range (~7.5mm), though I kept it very low profile. I art deco-ed out a little on this one and carved in subtle ‘facets’ to give it a little geometric interest. I think it turned out supercool!!

1.5ct Geometric Art Deco Solitaire

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leaves morphing into rope coils

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Hand-carved art nouveau leaves to rope wedding bands, 18K

This is a pair of wedding bands I did some months ago that were of a smooth twisted rope coil morphing into scattered leaves, then back to the smooth coiled rope as you work your way around the band. They were cast into 18K and turned out pretty cool I think!

Hand-carved art nouveau leaves to rope wedding bands, 18K

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epic snake cocktail ring

Monday, March 13th, 2017

14K snake cocktail ring + boulder opal & OEC diamond

More snake rings: BIGGER snake rings. This ring I carved around a sweet boulder opal I just couldn’t pass up because I thought it was like looking down upon a little tropical inlet, like maybe in the Baja perhaps, specifically around here… I got a nice little Old European cut antique diamond to accent the piece and finished it up a couple of weeks ago! LOVE how it turned out. I was hard pressed to let it go, and honestly, if it weren’t one of my favorite clients who bought it, I may have had to keep it myself.

This is, however, a new studio piece and I can customize (different stones, change up the diamond, 14K, 18K white or yellow gold, etc.) and adjust for size. It’s now listed in my Etsy shop!

14K snake cocktail ring + Boulder opal & OEC diamond

See how amazing this ring is? It makes even my ratty old studio sweatshirt look chic! (I kid.)

The other ring in this photo is my Coiled Snake Solitaire—also available in the Etsy shop.

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tapered poppy band

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Poppy Band wax-carving

Completed wax carving for my tapered poppy band.

18K carved poppy wedding band

And the finished ring in 18K white gold! I love this ring!

I made this design as a replacement for a customer who was finding the evenly wide, fully carved-all-the-way-around band uncomfortable between her fingers. The tapered shape is perfect because you get lots of carved action up top, but the underneath is smooth, uncarved, and comfortable when you close your fingers. I kept the sides fairly low-action but still detailed.

18K Carved Poppy Band + Rose Bramble Ring

Oh hey. I see it pairs nicely with the 12mm wide rose bramble band. Figures.

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ocean water + waves motif wedding bands

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Custom-carved ocean waves wedding bands

A pair of wedding bands in white gold: His a scene of the ocean on a blustery day, and hers a more delicate splashy band to accompany her engagement solitaire.

Custom-carved ocean waves wedding bands

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12mm rose-cut solitaire

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

12mm rose-cut solitaire, platinum

Craaaaazy giant rose-cut moissanite set in a chunky platinum mounting. Yum!

12mm rose-cut solitaire, platinum

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