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!! Notice for upcoming orders !!

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Hand-carved rings in gold and platinum

Great Scott: The holiday season is here already.

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be accepting orders up until 2nd week November IF you are looking for a by-Christmas delivery date. Get it in now!!—the sooner you do, the less stressed I will be 🙂

I’ll of course also be accepting new orders after this date, I’ll just plan to ship after the new year. I usually take a couple of weeks off around the holidays, so just add a 2-3 weeks to my normal work time. I.e., instead of a normal 5-ish weeks to deliver, it’ll be more like 7-8.

anchor pendant

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

22K anchor pendant w/diamond & emerald

It was inevitable that I would get around the carving an anchor pendant. Zillions of them are out there, and with good reason: they are iconic and symbolic and just flipping cool. Here’s my iteration.

Since this is not an anchor for dragging along the bottom of the sea, I made it in 22K gold and added a .11ct E-F-G VS pear diamond and a little 2mm emerald.

time machine

YAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!! That is a photo of The Sailing Jeweler + The Husband, once upon a time.

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new geometric solitaire

Friday, October 13th, 2017

1.5ct Geometric Art Deco Solitaire

New solitaire for the shop! This one is a little bit sturdier and made to accommodate stones in the 1.5ct range (~7.5mm), though I kept it very low profile. I art deco-ed out a little on this one and carved in subtle ‘facets’ to give it a little geometric interest. I think it turned out supercool!!

1.5ct Geometric Art Deco Solitaire

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