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poppy motif wedding bands

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
Hand-carved Poppy wedding band + Classic band with nuthatch/bird carved intaglio inside, 18K yellow gold

I love this poppy ring: three sets of poppy blooms + feathery leaves around the band, just a little bit of openwork, a ~6mm width. This one has been paired with a classic polished band, but with a little something-something carved on the inside..

Hand-carved classic 18K wedding band with intaglio nuthatch bird carved inside

We Portlandians are famous for putting birds on all our handmade crafts, and I do my best to uphold this mighty tradition: a teensy intaglio nuthatch on the inside of this wedding band.

The poppy band is one I do make custom to order/fit. Please send me an email if interested:

Both bands hand carved, and cast into 18K yellow gold. More photos below!


sapphire & maple leaf solitaire

Monday, September 14th, 2020
Custom designed & hand-carved maple solitaire with bi-color blue sapphire, 14K white gold

This cool bi-color/banded sapphire! I designed a maple leaf solitaire in 14K white gold to hold it. Worked out quite nicely, I’d say 🙂

Custom designed & hand-carved maple solitaire with bi-color blue sapphire, 14K white gold

dogwood pendant

Friday, September 4th, 2020
Hand-carved Dogwood Pendant, antique rose-cut diamond & OEC diamond accent, 19K rose gold

I have been wanting to carve a dogwood SOMETHING for ages now. We have them all over Portland and ever year I take about 10 million blurry phone photos of my neighbors’ trees.

I decided to make a pendant (for me! And for you in my shop) This one I’ve cast into 19K rose gold, which has a really lovely peachy color, and I’ve set this first one with a warm rose-cut diamond & an Old European cut. Love these antique guys.

Many more pics after the click:


radiant geometric solitaire

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020
Custom hand-carved geometric solitaire for a 1ct+ radiant-cut diamond, platinum 950

Custom geometric solitaire carved around this 1.08ct radiant-cut diamond. Platinum 950, of course!


helicopter seed pendant

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
Hand-carved maple/helicopter seed pendant in 18K yellow gold

Who did not get a chance to play with these guys as kids? Tossing them up in the air to watch them helicopter down.. This sycamore (or maple) seedpod pendant is hand-carved, and cast into 18K yellow gold.


tourmaline zodiac ring

Monday, August 31st, 2020
Custom-designed & hand-carved Zodiac ring, tourmaline, 19K rose gold

Check out this awesome tourmaline! My client sent it to me to build an epic and very personal solitaire carved with the zodiac signs of her loved ones: Chinese Year of the Earth Pig & Year of the Rat, as well as Taurus the bull. The ring is 19K rose gold and has a 2.5mm old rose-cut diamond set in the base on the side of the bezel.

Custom-designed & hand-carved Zodiac ring, tourmaline, 19K rose gold

As usual, I took about 50 million photos of this ring; it can be incredibly hard to capture in 2D a 3D scene around a bezel and band and these photos really do it only partial justice. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and pleased at how nice her stone looks in the setting.


husky portrait pendant

Saturday, August 29th, 2020
Hand-carved Husky mix dog portrait pendant, 14K gold

This is a carved portrait of a husky mix pup a client sent me, textured wheatgrass background. 14K yellow gold. This was a challenging one to carve for me; likenesses are hard to capture! More pics after the click..


asclepius and magnolia pendant

Friday, May 22nd, 2020
Custom hand-carved Asclepius & Magnolia blooms pendant in 18K

Pendant carved with the Asclepius symbol and surrounded by magnolia blooms (“tulip trees” people like to call them around here). 18K


purple sapphire + morning glory solitaire

Thursday, May 21st, 2020
Custom hand-carved Morning Glory Solitaire with Purple Cushion Sapphire and Diamonds, 14K white gold

Custom designed & hand carved Morning Glory ring set with this kick-ass brilliant purple cushion sapphire. 14K white gold and with a couple 2.5mm diamonds on either side.


indian cows ring

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
Custom hand-carved Indian Cows Ring with Australian Boulder Opal, 18K

This idea had been kicking around for a while. I had made a sketch in my notebook, and happily, it caught the eye of one of my long-time clients. I am SO glad I got a chance to make this ring at long last. I love how unusual it is, the way the stone floats off the top of the ring, the sweet faces of the cows with their cool droopy ears, and of course, the amazing Australian boulder opal (actually opalized fossilized wood) cherry on top. 18K.

Australian boulder opal, fossilized wood opal

Please excuse this weird pic of my red fingers; it’s the most accurate photo I felt like I could get of the opal that really showed how the colors looked in true life. It had these bright shocks of hot pink, purple, and chartreuse amongst the oranges and blues-turquoises-greens. Just awesome.

So many more pics of this after the click: