art nouveau and mistletoe rings

It’s kind of ridiculous how long it took me to carve these rings.

18K white gold handcarved mistletoe ring

[18K white gold mistletoe ring.]

18K gold handcarved art nouveau ring

[18K gold art nouveau ring.]

I based the art nouveau ring design on a photograph of an embroidery by Swiss designer Hermann Obrist (1890s). The image was in an art nouveau book I saw once and I just fell in love with it.

[Hermann Obrist, “Whiplash” embroidery of cyclamen.]

I finally got molds made of these two rings. Even so, there is still a lot that needs to be done to prepare the waxes for casting (not even counting sizing…) in that they are just very complicated designs. Both are really awesome though; a couple of my favorites.

Both the Mistletoe ring and the Art Nouveau ring have been listed in my etsy shop.

3 thoughts on “art nouveau and mistletoe rings

  1. Anna Sha

    I love this art and the rings are to die for. I would love to have “18K gold art nouveau ring” as a wedding-band, when I’ll get married. It’s just so gorgeous and stunning in every way, it’s impossible to dislike it.

  2. Lu Ann Brooker

    I love your art nouveau ring. Would you consider making one for me using the gold from my wedding rings (14k)?

  3. Cheryl Beamer

    I am also interested in the art nouveau and mistletoe 18-carat band. Would it be possible to get a quote on this design as well?
    Thank you.
    Reston, VA

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