alisha’s ring

18K gold and diamond wedding set

This is the wedding set I carved for my (old—sniff!) studiomate Alisha. It’s the most low-key ring I think I’ve ever carved (fat diamond notwithstanding…). She had a very specific idea in mind and wanted it to be something that could definitely take a beating. In fact, by the time I got around to actually photographing the ring, she had been wearing it nonstop, the past weekend while demo-ing a pidgeon coop and garage interior at her new house. I think the dings and scratches rather become it really. I wasn’t comfortable setting diamonds yet when I made it and so she took it to a professional setter. It turned out pretty damned awesome!

18K gold and diamond wedding set

18K gold and diamond wedding set

18K gold and diamond with carved rosebud band wedding set

Here I’ve paired her solitaire with one of my carved bands (the rosebud band). Sweetness!

One thought on “alisha’s ring

  1. Alisha

    Yay! My ring is now famous. Thanks for helping me with this project. It was so cool to design exactly what I wanted and re-learn some things about carving.

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