katherine and caleb’s white oak bands

18K Carved Oak Leaf Wedding Bands

18K gold wedding bands carved with oak leaves and acorn clusters.

Katherine’s husband is a botanist and the two of them have a particular fondness for white oak trees. I designed this set of wedding bands with three leaf/acorn clusters wrapped around the band. Each time I carve a new ring, it is my new favorite, and these rings are no exception. I think they turned out beautifully.

18K Carved Oak Leaf Wedding Bands

18K Carved Oak Leaf Wedding Bands

And some wax images..

carved oak leaf wedding band - hers

carved oak leaf wedding band - his

carved oak leaf wedding bands

hand-carved oak leaf bands, 18K gold

22 Responses to “katherine and caleb’s white oak bands”

  1. cats-eye says:

    Will a version of these become available to the public? I adore trees.

  2. Marta form Italy says:

    Hi, i found this image looking for acorn-patterns rings on the net and i think it’s just an amazing design. I was wondering if a silver version of the rings (i’m interested in the female one) are available for selling. Thank you so much for your attention!

  3. Thurstan says:

    Are these rings available in sterling silver?

  4. Kevin Chard says:

    Beautiful as usual! You are so talented and good luck in 2012!

  5. Amy Powers says:

    These rings are amazing!! I am looking for a 10 year anniversary band and this would be perfect. The oak and acorn are especially relevant for us because we have a son who passed away and is buried under an oak tree. One of the acorns fell off the tree and landed on his stone. It started to grow and we now have an oak tree growing in our yard! I would love to have one of these made!!

  6. Fiona Startup says:

    Hello there,
    These rings are stunning! I have been looking for a long time for matching wedding bands with an oak leave and acorn motif. My husband to be loves oak trees, and always collects “acorn orphans” from the ground and plants them in a new place to help mix the oak gene pool! He is also my heart of oak, strong, immensely kind, gentle and loving. I would love it if we could wear these matching symbols of enduring love and renewal. If you are taking orders for these would it be possible to have them in silver?

  7. Laura Albert says:

    I would love to purchase a set of your oak leaves and acorn bands. Please contact me and let me know if they are available. Thank you.

  8. Nancy Blakley says:

    These rings are beautiful. Are they available for other couples?

  9. Marcia Steinbach says:

    I would like some info on your oak leaf and acorn rings. The wih of each ring if it comes in 14 k gold and the cost for aprox size 6-6.5. I would love

  10. Erin says:

    Are these available for public purchase or limited to the custom orderer? I love them!b

  11. I am very proud and emotional to proclaim I just received my yellow gold Oak Leaf and Acorn wedding band today. The Oak Leaves and Acorns are unbelieveablely life like and delicate, yet it is a very solid ring. The Oak Leaves have such demension it is as if they just blew on the ring. My gratitude could never be enough tell you how much I love your talents as an Artist and this unbelieveablely perfect ring. M

  12. Marcia A Steinbach says:

    You made me an 14k yellow gold oak leaf and acorn ring. Since then my Husband has died and am planning to get re-married and I would like my new husband to have the samering. Size 10, 14k yellow gold oak leaf and acorn ring. What would the cost be for the man’s ring?? Thank you for your beautiful work.
    Marcia A Steinbach , marciaasteinbach@gmail.com thank you for your response.

  13. Mitzi Hagan says:

    I am interested in the white oak and acorn bands in 14 or 18K. would possibly like channel set diamonds across the top. can you please tell me if that is possible. Time frame for delivery and cost for size 9

  14. […] have done white oak bands in the past, and this time, I had a specific request to design a pair of wedding bands using a bur […]

  15. donna says:

    would like to know a price on this and and how long to deliver . thanks just love it

  16. Frances Barrett says:

    Please send me info on your rings with leaves, either in 9ct gold or sterling silver. Cheers

  17. Cheryl Beamer says:

    i love the oak leaves and acorn cluster 18-carat gold wedding band. Is it possible to order one?
    Please include the price. Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Reston, VA

  18. Kate says:

    Hello! My fiance and I are searching for wedding bands that are oak themed because his (soon to be my) family name is Oakes. These rings have a very special fluid and magical feeling to them, you have a real gift for creating beautiful pieces of art. We were wondering how much you would charge for a matching set of the women’s and Men’s ring. Also would you be able to tell us the cost difference if we wanted them in a different metal than gold? Looking forward to talking further with you!


  19. Ann Robinson says:

    Could you do a lucky symbol ring? Elephants, #13; 4 leaf clover etc

  20. I found your White Oak Ring after so much research, then lost and found it again. I am trembling as I ask, can you make one for me, pleas? It is similar to my mother’s wedding ring and yours is far and away the most beautiful of all the rings I’ve seen. Sigh waiting to hear from you with nervousness that you’ll say no. Best Regards, Margaret

  21. I found your White Oak Ring after so much research, then lost and found it again. I am trembling as I ask, can you make one for me, please? It is similar to my mother’s wedding ring and yours is far and away the most beautiful of all the rings I’ve seen. Sigh waiting to hear from you with much nervousness that you’ll say no. With all my hope, I hope you will be able to for all the most sentimental of reasons it would be of such comfort to wear and have my mom with me as well as a wedding ring from the finest Christian man I know. With my very best regards, Margaret Keller wood carver and professional clarinetist.

  22. Julie Pearsall says:

    So many have asked… is the narrower oak & acorn ring available in a size 10 in 10 ct or 14 ct yellow gold? If so, please send me a price quote. Thank you.

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