yesterday in the studio

Polishing in the jewelry studio

I thought I might share a couple of photos illustrating the glamour and style that runs rampant (RAMPANT! I tellya) here at chez Gin & Butterflies.

My nerdy old-man visor helps me see the small bits and also keeps stray bits of hair from annoying me. So, you know, functional and … functional.

The weird secretary headset has seen sunnier days, but somehow I haven’t managed to throw it away yet and it doesn’t give me a headache after wearing it for 20 minutes. Lately I’ve been piping cheesy pulp detective novels directly into my brain; this helps immensely when doing really tedious finishing work.

And of course the 3-M facemask, which helps keep nasty particulate from blackening my lungs. Plus, it gives me a cool waffle-print across the bridge of my nose and cheeks. It looks like I might need to retire this one but I always wonder: as it gets dirtier on the outside, might it perhaps even increase the filter power?

umbre manicure

And last but not least, the ultra-fashionable umbre manicure. This is but one example of the cutting-edge, outside-the-box chic that goes on around here.

Don’t be jealous.

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  1. I think I have you beat by style, since I often wear an over-sized painter’s smock that resembles a 1980s muumuu more than anything else, along with GIANT safety glasses that cover half my face (convinced the pickle fumes are drying my skin). Your manicure, though, puts mine to shame. 🙂

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  3. Kresling says:

    Can you please refile this under the ‘Process’ category?

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  5. Peg Bowden says:

    Well, I remember when you were 3 years old. Your hands looked about the same.
    And when a filter gets gunked up with dirty gritty stuff, you begin inhaling it. So get a new mask, daughter!
    With love and respect for the beauty you put into the world,
    yo Mama

  6. Kresling says:

    I love this new category and am really looking forward to future entries!

  7. Kresling says:

    Let’s have another entry in this category, shall we?

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