y+c wedding photos

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire

I love it when people send me photos from their weddings, or just of their happy selves wearing my jewelry. I do 99% of my business online and it’s so nice to put a face and personality to the rings I make. I made these rings for Yvonne & Cas last year and was so excited to see the amazing photos from their wedding in The Netherlands.

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

Two more photos of the Mistletoe solitaire (courtesy of Yvonne). The diamond was an amazing 1.7ct purchased in Europe. Because of the tricky customs dance between here and there, I made the mounting and the stone was set in Holland. I was super happy to see photos of the ring all in one piece! Back to the gorgeous wedding…

Yvonne + Cas wedding

18K white gold mistletoe wedding bands and diamond solitaire

Yvonne + Cas wedding

Wedding photos (all except the two close-ups of the solitaire being worn) are all from Velvetine photography studio in The Netherlands. You can see the full set (and better, close-up versions of the ones I posted here) on their blog.

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