bill & francine’s wedding bands

Ocean wave/sailboat wedding bands

Uncle Bill got married! And I got to make the wedding bands!! Bill has spent a large portion of his life in and around water and on sailboats, trimarans mostly. Nimble little trimarans. So we of course went with a watery theme for both bands, ocean swells around two palladium bands. On Bill’s band I added a tiny trimaran. For Francine’s ring, we added a second contrasting 18K yellow band with delicate hammering.

Ocean wave/sailboat wedding bands

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  1. Doug says:

    The rings for your uncles wedding look fantastic. Are they one time only designs just for your uncle? I have been looking for rings for months and once I found those, I could not find anything else that even comes close. Thanks for sharing your work. Doug

  2. admin says:

    Doug — Thank you! I can definitely recreate something very similar–Send me an email at and we can discuss!

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