my rings are in a bridal magazine!

My rings in Weddings Unveiled Magazine

Ooh la la! I really need to shake my photography paradigm up a bit; I love the way the photographer staged the photo with the heart-shaped leaf.

So yeah! I got an email from a couple I made some rings for and their friend put together a wedding spread for the magazine Weddings Unveiled and she put my rings in it! I’m in the current (Winter 2013) issue, pages 90-93. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t bother to credit the brilliant genius who made the rings (cough cough) but I suppose it’s made up for by the fact that that the rings are at least in a tasteful, nay, downright awesome spread.

Victorian solitaire & wedding band

You can see the full set of photos from the shoot here. Pretty gorgeous; I rather love the raw edges of the wedding dress.

4 thoughts on “my rings are in a bridal magazine!

  1. Kresling

    Since this is posted in my category, I feel at liberty to comment. 1) You got screwed on the shout-out, but then, they also neglected to mention the lantern-dude. 2) Why is the bride on a ladder? Not even going to ask about the rock. 3) Big no to the heart-shaped leaf. Don’t use one, but if you do, don’t even think of posting it in this category. 4) I would like to see more photos of your neck, with or without jewelry. You know how I feel about those.

  2. cheyenne

    1. No doubt. Lanterns didn’t make the mag. cut. 2. Boho-chic. What rock? I like the rock. 3. I’m going to go collecting heart-shaped leaves for all my future photo shoots. 4. I didn’t actually.

  3. Panita

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