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Thursday, August 8th, 2013

COLORS!! These are some of the first solitaires I’ve made using non-white metal. LOVE them:

14K rose gold cushion-cut diamond solitaire

This is a cushion-cut diamond set in 14K rose gold. This is also the first ring I’ve made using a cushion and I love how it turned out. The diamond looked awesome in the pink gold.

18K diamond solitaire with rosy eternity band

18K yellow gold diamond solitaire with Rosy Eternity band (diamond, garnet, alexandrite, sapphire, and peridot used).

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peacock feather ring and storybook band

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Peacock Ring and Storybook Band in 18K white gold

Did I promise some pretty pictures of Mexico? Here: let me distract you with some recent projects!

18K Double Peacock Feather Ring with opals

Double Peacock Ring using Grandmother’s opals (taken from an old ring) in 18K white gold. I LOVE this. The opals were old and delicate (as opals are) but still had a lot of life left in them. I set them recessed down into the ring a little bit to protect them from bonks and scratches, and then gave the recessed areas a little bit of patina to make the stones pop out a bit more.

18K Wave-Peacock feather-Sun-Mountain storybook band

The “storybook” ring had a series of pictures around the band that had personal meaning to the wearer: a breaking wave, peacock feather, sun, Mt. Rainier, and bubbles scattered here and there! Also done in 18K white gold.

I remember seeing Navajo story rings (and bracelets) in Arizona and always liked the idea that a band could tell a story, perhaps about the wearer. A ring that could bring memories as it turns on your finger.

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