the mustache

After visiting a couple of the craft bazaars around Portland this season, I have to say that this year’s design meme prize goes to The Mustache. Mustaches everywhere. On pencils, on t-shirts, on jewelry. Cephalopods came in at a close second but the mustache rules.

stacking mustache mugs

Mustache cups! I actually think these are pretty cool.

knitted mustache cowl

Knitted mustache cowl. Still adorable.

sterling silver mustache ringThe ring.

mustache necklace

The necklace.

skateboard mustache

The necklace made from… Yes: Recycled skateboards.

mustache for plushie

Here’s a felt mustache for your plushie! Don’t you buy gifts for your favorite plushy? No? … Hello?

mr. mustache octopus

This octopus came up in my mustache search. Go figure.

4 thoughts on “the mustache

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  2. Pia

    are you selling the silver ring and gold necklace? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for those but i can’t seem to find any. Let me know as soon as possible please! And the prices in case you ARE selling them, I’d really appreciate that.
    Thanks so much and you have awesome products!

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Pia — I’m not but do a search on for “silver mustache necklace” and “silver mustache ring” and you will hit the jackpot!

  4. Marie Marsh

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