I must stop forgetting my pieces in the pickle overnight. It eats up all my neat little solders, which then turn brittle and snap apart. Maybe my pickle is too strong? Maybe I am just an idiot.

A per usual, my lameness makes my life harder: I had to resolder the same points no less than three different times after leaving this pair of earrings in the pickle overnight (and each pair has four different solder points).

falling leaf earrings in sterling silver

[Nice dead plant, by the way. Go me!]

My point: TWELVE SOLDER POINTS. The pain.

Good thing I have such a kick-ass torch or else I might have had to kill myself.

One thought on “frustration

  1. Alisha

    Hey, at least the final product looks great. I often leave stuff in the pickle and the solder points always snap, regardless of the pickle strength. D’oh!

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