pearls and excuses

Tahitian, South Sea, and Chinese Pearls; 18K white gold ring with Tahitian pearl

A few things. One: We went on vacation (!!) to San Francisco & Napa to visit old friends, drink a lot of wine, visit about twelve different parks (the toddler loves parks), and buy some pearls. Two: I got slammed with The Wedding Season. I am thrilled but also a little freaked; this is my first big rush. Yeeee! Three: True Blood. We just watched the final episode of the first season so I think I can get on with my life—well, at least until I get my hands on season two. Not having a TV for the past 20 years, and not having full access to one before that, has left me woefully unprepared for that most frustrating of plot devices: the cliffhanger. My brain pretty much sucks into a tight bead of anxiety and I am forced to start the next episode right now immediately ohMYGOD they just killed Graaaaannnn!

Anyway, ahem. I bought a few new pearls while in San Francisco, because I was just at the gem show and desperately needed more more more. Behold:

Chinese freshwater pearls and South Sea pearl

Yum. The two on the left are Chinese freshwater pearls and the one on the right is a South Sea pearl (from Australia).

Tahitian pearls and peachy Chinese freshwater pearl

Here are some more. All are Tahitian pearls except from the bright peachy pink (natural color too, by the way) Chinese freshwater pearl. They range in size from 9.5-11mm approximately.

I posted two new pearl rings on the Etsy site: here and here. I also have two new designs coming. One spare and modern and the other featuring (you will NEVER guess): roses. My oh my.

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  1. Melissa

    I love pearls, I think they are so pretty and elegant. I am excited to see what you make with these.

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