caty and justin’s rings

I got a recent commission for a matching pair of wedding bands with perhaps a fish theme (the owners had a sweet story about a minnow). I did a couple of sketches of minnows wrapped around a band. Then it came up that the peacock feather was the design theme of their wedding. Maybe we could work that into the ring…

A fish and a feather. Ooh!

[I may not know how to spell “lacy” but I do know my feather anatomy!]

I really had a fun time carving these rings. A while back I sketched a design for a big ol’ peacock ring (peacocktail ring?) but never got around to actually carving it. Maybe I’ll dig it back out now because I love how the feather motif worked on the ring.

I start out evenly: cut waxes, cut out basic shape with file, scratch in design with something scratchy… Then I go to town. I try to keep continuity by carving on both rings, not getting ahead too far on one or the other, but inevitably at some point I lose myself and focus on one ring until I’m essentially finished.

As usual, I carved the first ring (hers) and looked at my rough scratches on the second ring (his) and said to myself: “Oh bother; how can I make this one as good as the first?” This happens every time. And every time the same thing happens.

I carve the second ring… and I like it even better than the first.

Then I feel bad for the first ring.

But after a short time my feelings equalize and I really find in the end that I don’t know which one turned out “best.”

Because they both turned out perfectly.

9 thoughts on “caty and justin’s rings

  1. Joanne Davis

    I’m Caty’s mom. What beautiful work. They are perfect as works of art and perfect representations of Caty and Justin and their love. The wedding guests were amazed.

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you so much! Their wedding sounded like it was going to be absolutely spectacular; a really lovely event. Caty was a lot of fun to work with; it is always good for me to be challenged with things a bit out of the ordinary!

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  4. christine

    hi i am extreamly intreasted in the idea of creating our own wedding bands and i was wondering if this is somthing that you do if someone could get back to me on this matter that would be great you can email me at the address that i have left on the page the picture of the rings showed on this page are beautiful and i would love to create somthing more sentamential for our special thanks

  5. Alan Mudda

    Cheyenne, this is one of the best “creation” sites I’ve visited. You do a great job of describing and documenting your process, and work work is stunning!

  6. Paul Anderson

    I graduated from Fitchburg State College in 1976. Last week the class stone flew out. I need you to repair it.

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