etsy featured seller: ME!

This is so freaking exciting! My two days to shine are happening as we speak and I’m on Etsy’s front page with a featured seller photo (dork!), shop links, and interview and everything.

Of course, I spent hours and days obsessing over my interview questions and then suddenly the deadline was upon me and I freaked, quickly made sure I didn’t have any grotesque spelling errors, and just sent it in. Now I’m all, ohmygod: I forgot to say this, I should have said that, and I totally sound like a spazz!

Anyway, I’m very excited and also a bit nervous. Will anyone even read it? Will people actually go look at the things I make because of this? I have no idea what to expect.

ps – I would have put a pretty picture at the top if my computer hard drive didn’t die. And Joshua’s computer’s power supply not give out. Or my studio computer’s monitor go bad. All in this past week. I’m running linux now off a bootable disk. Anyway, you’ll have to be content with some krazee kapital letters and excitable punctuation in the header.

7 thoughts on “etsy featured seller: ME!

  1. Misschell

    i read it AND i’m here because of it then I’ll be checking out your store too…. hey, at least it worked for 1 person 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be swamped with business- your “ART” really is beautiful!!

  2. Mariette

    I read it and now adore your jewellery. I’m dreaming of a rose ring…so romantic!

  3. pearlmania

    I read it and it was interesting enough to keep reading and now I’m here because you mentioned your blog. I like the way you write and saw some pictures of your pearls. I just love freshwater pearls and I am now going to check your shop.

  4. cheyenne

    Thanks everyone for such sweet comments! I appreciate it so much. I’m glad you like the pearls–I don’t have them listed in my shop because the hard drive on my computer went bad last week (new one should be coming tomorrow) but I still have to redo all my photos. Pretty lame timing on that one. GRRRRR! But hopefully soon soon..

  5. Madge

    Hi Cheyenne-

    I just read your interview and you seem like so much fun! Your jewelry pieces are fantastic – I love the combined femininity and boldness represented throughout each of them. Your creativity and evident passion for what you do is inspiring…

    All the best! <3

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