matching wedding band

14K white gold poppy wedding band

[14K white gold carved poppies]

This was a piece that was made to fit up against an engagement ring that I never saw in person. It was a large square citrine center stone surrounded by a bunch of tiny diamonds, with diamond pave running down the sides of the band. I didn’t want to deprive my client of her engagement ring so I had her send detailed measurements of the ring. And then I had her buy some Fimo modeling clay, press her ring into the clay from a couple of angles, and send it to me. When I got it, I poured hot wax into the mold and recreated a passable model of her ring, using her measurements to be sure I had the shape and size more or less correct.

wax model of poppy ring

I know. BEE-autiful, isn’t it. Nothing says “I love you” like red and purple wax.

14K white gold poppy wedding band

14K white gold poppy wedding band

Looks MUCH better in gold. And it fit! I was so relieved.

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  1. kb

    And I lurve it! So thanks 🙂 Someone asked me if the ring was a family heirloom, which I thought you’d enjoy hearing.

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