custom order deadline!!

Hi all – Just a quick reminder if you are interested in having a custom piece made: Please get your order in by the end of this week (November 5th) if you want me to be able to ship before Christmas. I’ll be going on vacation starting mid-December (back the end of January). Thank you!!

Also, I will have some more ready-to-wear pieces up here on the Etsy site soon… Necklaces, more cocktail rings, etc.

6 thoughts on “custom order deadline!!

  1. admin Post author

    We’re toying with the idea of going to Costa Rica to spend time with my brother and his family!! Also, I’m taking a pave setting class in January. I’m pretty excited 🙂 Any plans for you?

  2. Alisha

    Oh, Costa Rica! Funny, we were just talking about trying to get there this winter too. No set plans though. Lots of family coming in for the holidays, so we’ll be sticking around. Where is this pave class you speak of being taught? I’ve been DYING to learn something new and feel a stone setting class (kind of a general overview of several techniques) would be fun.

  3. cheyenne

    Costa Rica wouldn’t be my first choice for a Central American getaway spot but then I’m not exactly feeling choosy with this Portland fall coming on. Nothing like a gutter plugged with matted brown leaves to make Costa Rica look mighty tempting. I’m going to take the class at the Revere Academy in San Francisco, which will be extra fun because I’ll be able to visit friends and eat at my favorite spots while I’m there.

  4. Alisha

    Revere sounds awesome! Another jeweler friend of mine wants to do the wax carving/casting intensive there. I might go up to Seattle to do the stone setting intensive–a little inspiration in the slow winter is a good thing 🙂
    If you wouldn’t recommend CR, what other spot in Central America would you recommend? I’ve only been to Belieze and would like to go somewhere new.

  5. admin Post author

    I do love Belize! My first choice would be Panama, Bocas del Toro (one of the few place we didn’t make it when we were there but everyone we know said it was their favorite–photos looked amazing) or the Perlas islands in the Bay of Panama. Or another place I’d love to go is Puerto Rico (though I haven’t been before).

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