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Oh my poor, poor neglected blog. Sorry folks for the dramatic pause in pretty pictures.. I have actually been very busy and have not had enough function left in my brain to keep my blog populated. I bought a “fixer” house, moved, had a nasty bout of colds/flues that rampaged through the household, tore apart and remodeled the bathroom, and now am working on the kitchen. And we had family visiting. And I got way behind in my orders doing all of this.. (But I’m caught up now!) Whew. Onward.

I have a number of custom pieces I have made over the past few months and I will get them posted here over the next week. For now, I just wanted to point out how amazingly cool Michelle Obama’s jewelry was at the recent Correspondent’s Dinner. I usually think her formal ensembles are pretty great and whatnot but this time her jewelry picks were completely AWESOME AWESOME and AWESOME!!!

Michelle Obama's jewelry ensemble for the 2011 Correspondent's Dinner

The three layered necklaces. The pewter color scheme here is really nice and unusual and goes well with the dusty purple color of her dress. All pieces are pretty sweet: the chain lariat choker that hangs over the lower necklace of interesting metal beads.. But what really makes this for me though is the heavy cable chain on top. Too cool.

Michelle Obama's jewelry ensemble for the 2011 Correspondent's Dinner

Here’s a close up of the bracelet stack. Snakes! I love it when people wear snake jewelry.

(I have no idea who designed any of this; if anyone does, please mention it in the comments for me? Thanks!)

Michelle Obama's jewelry ensemble for the 2011 Correspondent's Dinner

The entire ensemble. Did I mention how awesome I think this is? Check out her snake ring too. The earrings are whatevs; I don’t have anything to say about them.

Anyway, I was super impressed with her jewelry choices (her stylist’s jewelry choices? Does she select her own clothing/jewelry for functions like these? I really have no idea how these things work) and I think she looked flipping gorgeous.

EDITED: I found out who the jewelry designer was: Irit Design for all pieces, including the earrings. Sterling silver and diamonds! LOVE it all!

6 thoughts on “first jewels

  1. cheyenne

    I KNOW! The only other hottie was Jackie-O; no one else came close. Plus, her husband is a cutie too (it kills me when he laughs at his own jokes).

  2. Peg Bowden

    I thought Michelle’s hair was fabulous. She looks every bit the movie star or high-class model. She glows. And yes, when Barack laughs at his own jokes, I crack up. Obama killed it at the Correspondents Dinner, as did Seth Meyers, the SNL guy. And omigod, it gave me goose-bumps watching Trump squirm. Loved it all. –Mom

  3. David Posnett

    Assuming that Michelle has some say on her jewelry choices, I wonder what her motivation is? Usually this kind of snake jewelry is wanting to make a statement…but I do not see her as a rebel, or “punk”, or in to body piercings and tatoos…. perhaps she is attracted to danger? perhaps she just likes reptiles? Would she have one as a pet? Just curious. See my latest post on my blog on Snake Rings:

  4. admin Post author

    I found out that she does have a somewhat newish stylist (named Meredith Koop, who was responsible for the McQueen red dress at the State Dinner–her other above-and-beyond kick-ass ensemble in my opinion). How much she had to say in the choices is hard to guess, but obviously she feels comfortable in and indeed rocks the snake. I feel like snake jewelry brings to mind historical/ancient motifs and traditions, rather than edgy or punk. But I imagine most people have to take into consideration how they actually feel about snakes personally since so many people have such an extraordinary visceral reaction to the animals. Like spiders. I go kind of bats over cool snake jewelry so I LOVE it. I’m making my own version of a snake ring now but I keep getting derailed by current orders 🙂

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