turquoise and palladium ring

Palladium and Nevada Turquoise Ring

This is an engagement/wedding ring made from palladium with a gorgeous turquoise piece from Nevada. The couple I get my US turquoise from prospect, mine, cut, and polish all their own turquoise. They do not enhance or stabilize the stone in any way. They are awesome and their stones are amazing. This stone is from their Dyer Blue mine in Nevada.

Palladium and Nevada Turquoise Ring

Palladium and turquoise ring

Palladium and turquoise ring

More of their stones I have in stock:

Turquoise from Nevada and New Mexico

The large piece at 7 o’clock is amazing: it has reddish brown matrix and chunks of jet-black chert in it. The piece at 5 o’clock (has a pretty mossy green tinge) is turquoise that formed inside of a brachiopod clam fossil. (How cool!)

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  1. Fullington

    So cute! I wanted to make some snow gelbos this year but I haven’t even finished decorating! And let’s not talk about shopping, ha! Question: you just filled them with water? I’ve read about glycerin but I like yours with the water. 🙂

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