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tree – wave – mountain band

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Mammoth Mt wax carving

I’ve carved a few pictorial panorama rings with similar themes: tree, ocean, wave, shell, etc. It is a really fun ring to carve because I get to have so much real-estate! On this one, the client wanted to have his favorite mountain: Mammoth Mountain in CA. The finished piece was cast into Palladium.

Mammoth Mt. carved palladium band

More photos after the jump of the full panarama… (more…)

arabesque solitaire

Friday, September 21st, 2012

This was a custom engagement solitaire in 18K white gold with a ~1/3ct diamond. I carved a scrolling leafy/arabesque design and worked in initials of the bride and groom. At the bottom of the band is a pi symbol. More images after the jump! (more…)

y+c wedding photos

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire

I love it when people send me photos from their weddings, or just of their happy selves wearing my jewelry. I do 99% of my business online and it’s so nice to put a face and personality to the rings I make. I made these rings for Yvonne & Cas last year and was so excited to see the amazing photos from their wedding in The Netherlands.

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

18K white gold mistletoe solitaire with 1.7ct diamond

Two more photos of the Mistletoe solitaire (courtesy of Yvonne). The diamond was an amazing 1.7ct purchased in Europe. Because of the tricky customs dance between here and there, I made the mounting and the stone was set in Holland. I was super happy to see photos of the ring all in one piece! Back to the gorgeous wedding…

Yvonne + Cas wedding

18K white gold mistletoe wedding bands and diamond solitaire

Yvonne + Cas wedding

Wedding photos (all except the two close-ups of the solitaire being worn) are all from Velvetine photography studio in The Netherlands. You can see the full set (and better, close-up versions of the ones I posted here) on their blog.

yesterday in the studio

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Polishing in the jewelry studio

I thought I might share a couple of photos illustrating the glamour and style that runs rampant (RAMPANT! I tellya) here at chez Gin & Butterflies.

My nerdy old-man visor helps me see the small bits and also keeps stray bits of hair from annoying me. So, you know, functional and … functional.

The weird secretary headset has seen sunnier days, but somehow I haven’t managed to throw it away yet and it doesn’t give me a headache after wearing it for 20 minutes. Lately I’ve been piping cheesy pulp detective novels directly into my brain; this helps immensely when doing really tedious finishing work.

And of course the 3-M facemask, which helps keep nasty particulate from blackening my lungs. Plus, it gives me a cool waffle-print across the bridge of my nose and cheeks. It looks like I might need to retire this one but I always wonder: as it gets dirtier on the outside, might it perhaps even increase the filter power?

umbre manicure

And last but not least, the ultra-fashionable umbre manicure. This is but one example of the cutting-edge, outside-the-box chic that goes on around here.

Don’t be jealous.

new low-profile solitaire

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Low-profile solitaire in palladium 950

This is a low profile version of my solitaire engagement ring. It’s super simple compared to the carving craziness I usually create, but I really love this sleek little design. This one is made of Palladium 950 and has a 5.5mm moissanite stone. I just added it to my Etsy shop.

Low-profile solitaire in palladium 950

Many more images after the jump…

ginkgo eternity rings

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

14K white gold ginkgo ring with green diamond

Just some images of my standard ginkgo band with some added stones. This is a little green diamond; 14K white gold.

14K ginkgo ring with fancy color sapphires

This is another I did using fancy color sapphires (and one green diamond) in 14K yellow gold. More photos after the jump..


susie’s cyclamen pendant

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Art nouveau pendant - 18K

18K yellow gold art nouveau-style pendant with cyclamen motif. This is a pendant riff off a ring I did a while back:

Art nouveau ring - 18K

Art nouveau pendant - 18K

The original design sketch. I ended up making two of these: this one-of-a-kind version for a client, and a second version with a different flower style that I will develop ultimately as a piece for the shop.

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daniel & alicia’s storybook bands

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Carved storybook wedding bands - Platinum

These wedding bands tell the story of a relationship. Daniel & Alicia chose a number of themes and motifs that were personal and significant to them, I made a million sketches, and when we finally got the design nailed down, I began to carve.

The rings were ultimately cast into platinum (Pt950/PtRu). His is 6mm width and hers, 4mm.

Carved storybook wedding bands - Platinum

A pair of parrot feathers.

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morning glory ring

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Morning glory ring, purple sapphire, diamond, 14K Palladium white gold

Ring carved with morning glory motif. I went very three-dimensional here—kind of a Rivendell vibe. 14K palladium white gold, lavender sapphire and diamond.

Morning glory ring, purple sapphire, diamond, 14K Palladium white gold

I don’t often use the palladium white gold alloys (14K or 18K palladium white gold); it amazes me how every alloy is different from one another. The color of the 14KPd white is deeper—steelier even—than the standard 14K alloy I normally use (nickel alloy). I feel like it also takes a more intense polish than the 14K nickel white, but maybe it is an illusion of the darker color.

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mabe pearl solitaire

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Carved leaf motif; 18K and mabe pearl solitaire

I’m so happy with how this ring turned out. This one was made using 18K white gold and showcases a 9mm mabe pearl.

Carved leaf motif; 18K and mabe pearl solitaire

As usual, I took a LOT of photos… (more…)