simple, but not simple, ginkgo bands

14K ginkgo wedding/eternity bands

One would think I have covered all iterations of the ginkgo ring; not so! Behold: his is a simple 6mm bright-polished band with a pair of intaglio-carved ginkgo leaves and hers is a ~2.5mm wide band with a pair of the same ginkgos, but regular relief carved. And about a million teensy leetle flush-set diamonds.

14K ginkgo wedding/eternity bands

So. Many. Of. The. Little. Buggers. Her ring is quite small, size 4.5 maybe, and completely fits inside his! Cute!

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  2. Jen Mclucas

    I have wedding band with many more ginkgo carvings. We have used that as an engagement ring. Can you recommend what band would go well with it?

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