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Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Art Deco-style platinum solitaire with radiant diamond

[Art Deco platinum solitaire with .87ct radiant-cut diamond]

About a decade ago I was given this diamond as a not-so-subtle hint by my (now) mother in law. I was excited to make a ring out of it, but after some trying, found the square shape to be rather difficult to design for. Over the years I have drawn several (failed) designs and carved probably five of them. I actually had one cast but then decided I didn’t like it.

At long last, I scrapped my frilly and over-the-top designs and went for super simple. But I felt I couldn’t make it smooth and rounded, so I carved edges into the band and bezel. It’s pretty much perfect because I can wear it singly or stack it to my heart’s content and change up my stackers whenever I want.

I finally got my ring finished just before Christmas. Just about 20 years after Joshua and I got together. Pretty pathetic for a jeweler, I’d say.

Art Deco-style platinum solitaire with 18K yellow Peacock feather ring

Here’s what I find myself wearing the most: Platinum solitaire with 18K yellow gold Peacock ring & narrow leaf ring. I really like the color contrast between platinum & 18K yellow gold.

Art Deco-style platinum solitaire with 18K yellow Poppy flower eternity ring

Sometimes I wear these! (18K yellow gold poppy eternity band.)

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epic peacock band

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

14K gold wide peacock wedding band

This is a super wide peacock band in 14K white gold. When they asked me to make it 15mm to start, I was all, “How can I be sure that my 15mm is the same as your 15mm?” And I got all neurotic about measurements and details and they came back with, “Well, the ring I wear now is 16mm and it could be a bit wider, so let’s actually go with 18mm!” Whoa.

Peacock wedding bands - 14K white gold & tanzanite

The set: Hers is my original peacock band with a 2.5mm tanzanite stone in the feather eye, and of course his is the wide band. It was a lot of fun carving this ring and it took me forever. 18mm is a LOT of real estate to carve up. I am so very happy with how it turned out.

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coiled snake solitaire

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Coiled snake solitaire - 18K gold & ruby

Well, it’s about time I finished this ring. I started it nearly a year ago and had it cast easily 6 months ago. Then I stressed over what would be Thee Perfect Stone to set in the top. Against the intensity of the 18K yellow color and the epicness of the snake motif, I decided that I needed a ruby to go here.

Then I couldn’t find one. Well, not one that I liked. I wanted a really red one that was actually clear inside, which is a hard bargain when it comes to rubies actually. The vast majority of them are a purplish red to downright pink in color, and it’s rare to find any that are truly clear inside. The whole “pigeon’s blood” ruby thing is, in my opinion, some seriously misguided romanticism. I mean, I’ve seen a dead pigeon before.

So I sat on it until I went to the Tucson gem show and spent two days on a quixotic search for the awesomest reddest rubies of specifically the right size for my ring. Out of the hundreds of gem vendors and tens of thousands of rubies there, I found three stones I liked and I bought all of them.

Coiled snake ring - 18K gold & ruby

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simple, but not simple, ginkgo bands

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

14K ginkgo wedding/eternity bands

One would think I have covered all iterations of the ginkgo ring; not so! Behold: his is a simple 6mm bright-polished band with a pair of intaglio-carved ginkgo leaves and hers is a ~2.5mm wide band with a pair of the same ginkgos, but regular relief carved. And about a million teensy leetle flush-set diamonds.

14K ginkgo wedding/eternity bands

So. Many. Of. The. Little. Buggers. Her ring is quite small, size 4.5 maybe, and completely fits inside his! Cute!

ginkgo wedding bands

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

18K Carved ginkgo wedding bands

18K ginkgo wedding bands! His ring has an intaglio design around the band, a carving style I had not yet tried but that I think turned out quite nicely. Very sedate and perfect for a low-key band. I bet this would make a cool stamp! Her band is carved with ginkgo leaves and roses.

18K Intaglio carved ginkgo wedding band

18K Carved ginkgo and rose wedding band

art nouveau leaf band

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Art Nouveau leaf wedding band - 14K Palladium white gold

Remember the art-nouveau inspired sapphire solitaire I made last year? Here is the wedding band to match. Both rings are in 14K palladium white gold (the solitaire has a 5+mm Ceylon sapphire).

Art nouveau solitaire w/sapphire - 14KPd white

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oak tree bands

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Custom carved oak tree wedding bands - 14K

I love carving flowy convoluted designs and these were no exception. They are 14K white gold bands carved with a twisting old oak tree.

Her ring is swooped just so to fit against her sapphire engagement ring. The tree carving is over around 2/3 the surface of the band, the bottom smooth.

Custom carved oak tree wedding bands - 14K

His ring is interesting in that it carved with two trees blending into each other at the top and bottom: Both bottoms originate at one end, then curve up their sides of the band, then the branches meet and mingle together at the top. The ring is more abstract or concrete depending upon the angle you choose to view.

Custom carved oak tree wedding bands - 14K

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upcoming vacation: mid april to mid may

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hi everyone!

I want to get it out there that I’ll be out of the studio starting mid-April and I’ll be back mid-May. Those of you who have early summer weddings and are considering having a ring made, keep this in mind. I take around 4-6 weeks to make a piece (on the quicker side if it is one of my Etsy pieces; on the longer side if it is a fully new custom design & carving).

If you need to have your ring(s) before I leave, I will need to have your orders in by the first week of March (2nd week at the latest!). Of course I can also begin your piece before I leave, then finish it when I return; just realize that there will be an additional month in there when I’ll not be in the studio working on your rings.

I’ll be in email contact, though with less frequency, throughout my vacation.

Anyway, now is the time to ask your questions, run your ideas by me, get quotes, etc. if you have been thinking of having a ring made!

Thank you!! ~cheyenne

in the studio

Friday, February 15th, 2013

gold rings in progress

In the studio today: a handful of some rings I’m finishing up. These guys go through a series of finishing processes: sawing sprues off, filing rough and fine, sanding discs and papers coarse, medium, fine, sanding bristles coarse, medium, med-fine, fine, polishing compound rough discs, bristles, then buffing wheels (wash after), polishing compound “flossing” through any openwork (wash), then final polishing: medium (wash) & fine to finish (wash yet again). (I’ll set the stones tomorrow.)

raquel’s fairy iris ring

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Art-nouveau iris ring with sapphire; 14K

This was an awesome ring to make. Raquel basically sent me a bunch of photos of things that she liked, a couple of stones, and let me go to town.

The stone we picked was a large, rough sapphire that Raquel personally plucked from the very dirt of Montana with her own two hands (!!!). It was huge and bumpy and quite unlike every other stone I had ever used. It also pretty much rocked (I know; slay me) and needed something unique to go with it. This is one of the most classic art-nouveau style rings perhaps I’ve ever carved.

Fairy Iris

Fairy iris: Raquel’s favorite flower.

Art nouveau Iris ring, 14K & rough sapphire

My photos really don’t do this stone justice. It is mossy green with flecks of deep orange and gold through it.

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