squid ring

18K hand-carved squid ring

Joshua and I have been together for over 20 years. Twelve years ago or so I made him a ring from silver, but it has worn so much that it is easily half the thickness it once was. He has mentioned once or twice (or possibly, ahem, more) that I should carve a squid ring.

18K hand-carved squid ring

18K hand-carved squid ring

It’s about 8mm wide and made from 18K gold.

More photos + story after the click:

squid ring sketch

Here is the original sketch. I often find that once I begin scratching my design onto the three-dimensional ring, I need some adjustments to scale and whatnot. Here I ended up adding some wave/water design between the feeding tentacles and the fins.

18K hand-carved squid ring

18K hand-carved squid ring

Once upon a time Joshua had a good friend named Jim. Jim was a wild child, very much the polar opposite of the tremendously reserved Joshua.

Joshua tells a story about how one of their friends got a hold of a tattoo gun and brought it to a party. He declared that he would (for free!) give a tattoo to anyone who wanted one. Naturally, many party-goers expressed a keen interest but then they stalled out, saying they couldn’t decide what to get or some nonsense. All evening Jim shouted out tattoo ideas to whomever came close and at one point a girl said to him, “Jim, you keep coming up with so many great ideas, why don’t you get one of them for yourself?” Seizing this sudden opportunity (to get laid, that is; I think he couldn’t give a damn about any tattoo), Jim pointed to his back and said, “SQUID! Right there.”

The guy sketched out what ended up being an epic though extremely phallic-looking squid, maybe 10 inches tall; then he made it permanent with the tattoo gun.

Jim was killed in a rafting accident soon after. I never got to meet him. I’m sorry for that because even though his personality has grown to legendary proportions over the years, I think that his actual-sized personality would have been something wonderful to behold.

18K hand-carved squid ring

18K hand-carved squid ring

There might still be a squid tattoo in Joshua’s future.

8 thoughts on “squid ring

  1. Raquel

    Holy crap, that is an amazing ring with an amazing back story. I just love the fullness of it… squids frankly freak me out, (its the ginormous dinner plate eyes) but this is soft, lovely, organic and not creepy at all. Well done!

  2. kimberly

    Wondering…. can anyone purchase one. And but a stone for the eye. Squid has a special significance for my husband and I

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  4. Peg Bowden

    Amazing ring…and an amazing couple with an adorable little girl. I loved “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and loved sharing that piece of film-making with you. I still hum the song now and then. Kirk Dougles strummed his banjo in that tin-can submarine, as I recall. Very scary squid tho. I like yours better. Brava! –Mom

  5. cheyenne

    Yep. 20,000 Leagues was sandwiched on a VCR tape between ‘Black Stallion’ and ‘The Great Santini.’ I’ve seen the ending of Black Stallion (the race winning scene) and the beginning of Great Santini (up to the faux barf scene) an awful lot of times.

  6. Augustus Tan

    How I love this design. I would love to have it but I prefer sterling silver, not gold… It would look great after some tarnish sets in!

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