dragon lily solitaire


14K dragon-lily ring. This ring has a tiny carved dragon head on one side of the stone, a natural Burmese ruby, then the body winds orobouros-style around the finger. On the other side of the stone is a lily, the wearer’s favorite flower.


It was really hard to photograph this ring for some reason; I felt like I just couldn’t quite capture the depth and detail from the dragon head. And I really liked how my dragon turned out; he had a good look about him.

More pics after the click!





2 thoughts on “dragon lily solitaire

  1. Rosanna

    I originally thought you were sculpting dragons. Have you made chinese dragon pieces in the past? I bet you would make wonderful interpretations (art nouveau style).

  2. cheyenne Post author

    I have done a couple of rings with dragons.. They haven’t been Chinese style dragons though (at least, not intentionally..). I think aiming very art nouveau would make for a lovely dragon motif for sure.

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