tucson gem show 2017

Yet another Tucson gem show in the bag. I got a bunch of things. Some I needed for current projects, some I needed only to make my monkey brain happy.

The above is some giant beautiful emerald rough. It wasn’t for sale, but rather just for show (it would then be cut into the finished stones that were for sale).


There was also a lot of this! This is a large proto-cow. (Aurochs maybe?) I thought he had a nice expression on his face. He may have been a she though, and she might actually have been really pissed when she died. But her fossilized skull looks quite chipper. Funny how that works.

More more more:

Lots of paraiba tourmalines this year. They are the color of clear glacier ice when you look down into a crevice, or up from an ice cave. Or the color of the shallows over white sand. A good color. I wanted all of them.

This is a newly cut rose-cut diamond out of old material, from Perpetuum. They have cut them a little differently than the traditional style, so that there are more facets across the bottom and the effect is to make a much more brilliant rose-cut. I’ve always had some misgivings about using transparent rose-cut diamonds, because when viewed from the top, they can window out considerably. However, the cut of these guys minimizes the windowing, making them, by far, the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for someone to order a ring using a rose-cut so I can get one of these.

Another cool piece at the Perpetuum booth. Check out the hair-fine filigree!

Who’s a little south sea bunny pearl!!

Some gorgeous giant translucent rose-cuts at Rough Diamond World. This was my favorite: a nice high-domed orange cushion rose-cut.

And my second favorite: Black! This is one of the nicest natural-color black diamonds I’ve ever seen; it had a great high domed shape and a really clean polish.

This is a cool fossil thing. Something sea-weedy I presume.

matt kresling and gemball

And lastly: The largest gem ball in the world (according to Pink Shirt in the back there). It would not be easy to move. A Matt Kresling has been added for scale.

What is a gem show if not a gallery of mystifyingly large crystal sculpture.

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