Hi everyone! I’m thinning out prototypes and sample originals I’ve been holding onto for a while and it’s time to let go! Prices are discounted around 20% or more in a couple of cases. All prices include stones as pictured; sizes are as-is (though many of these can be easily sized later if needed).

Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for the rings, prices, and a description. Please email me at or comment below (I’ll see your email on my end) if you have questions or would like more information & photos. And if you would like to buy one, I’ll get an invoice over to you via paypal or square-up. Shipping is via USPS Priority, insured, between $15-24 (depending upon the ring cost below), and I can ship within about 3 days (+ a little slack over the Thanksgiving weekend 🙂


This is my Low-Profile bezel solitaire in palladium 950 and set with a 5.5mm Forever Brilliant near-colorless Moissanite made by Charles & Colvard. The size is 4.25. $835 + shipping. My original Etsy listing has a more complete description with more photos.

The Regular-Profile Solitaire in 14K white gold (size 5.75) has sold.

Rosy Solitaire in 14K yellow gold set with a quarter carat diamond (4mm approximately). Size 5.5. The diamond is approximately G/H color and SI1 clarity. Send me an email and I can send more photos of this specific ring, but here’s my general Etsy listing. $990 + shipping.

Blooming Rose Solitaire in 14K white gold set with a 4mm Forever Brilliant Moissanite made by Charles & Colvard. Size between 5.75 and 6. Send me an email and I can send more photos. $795 + shipping.

Sold. Victorian Solitaire & Wedding Band in 18K yellow gold. The black rose-cut diamond is 6mm in diameter, just about 1 carat in weight, and has been treated to enhance color. The Solitaire is a size 5.75 (fits comfortably on my size 6 finger because of the narrowness), and the band is a 5.5. I’m happy to sell these guys separately too, particularly in light of the size difference. $895 for the solitaire, and $600 for the band, + shipping. Here’s the link to my Etsy listing; also here.

Carved Leaves Band in 18K yellow gold, size 6. It is 6mm wide, and ~2mm thick. I have more pics of this ring; send me a note if you’re interested. $850 + shipping.

The Poppy Band in 18K white gold. Size is 7.25. This ring is 8mm wide & ~2.25mm thick. Here’s my Etsy description. $1105 + shipping.

Sold. My Rosy Bramble Band in 18K yellow gold. Size is 5.5. The ring is about 9mm wide, ~2mm thick. I have more photos of this ring; send me an email if you would like to see them. $1005 + shipping.

Ridged Band in palladium 950. I have only ONE of these, size 5.75; it is 4mm wide and 2.25mm thick. Here’s my Etsy description. $635 + shipping.

SOLD This insane Rosebush Ring! I’ve been holding onto it for so long because it is so freaking cool and I love it. The stone is a giant boulder opal (22mm x 20mm) from Australia. However, it doesn’t actually fit me very well; it’s between sizes for me. How I managed to do that, I have no idea. I have more photos of this ring here and also I took some more recent ones too (email me and I’ll send them to you). It is 18K gold and weighs 1.48oz (42grams), so it’s extremely heavy (and awesome). The size is exactly 7.5, but because this is a very wide ring (lower width is ~11mm), it is most comfortable on more like a size 7 finger maybe (it depends upon the shape of your fingers a little bit but keep this in mind).

Wide Oak Leaves & Acorns Band, 18K yellow gold. Size 10.25 and the width is 8.5mm (thickness ~2mm). More photos of this ring here. $1195 + shipping.

Rosy Diamond Eternity Band in 14K white gold and size 5.75; it is set with five 2mm diamonds (D-G/VS). Link. $876 + shipping.

The other size 6 eternity band with the 1.7mm diamonds has sold.

Two Wild Rosebud Bands in 18K yellow, and 18K white gold. They are 3.5-4mm wide and size 6. Email if you would like additional photos. They are $710 each (+ shipping).

4 thoughts on “SAMPLE SALE!!!

  1. Cara austin

    Hey Cheyenne!

    Cashing in for a big adventure or travel?! Hope all is well in your world…
    We’ve decided it might be time for me to get a real wedding band too. i’m interested in the wild rose band of white gold…not sure what my ring size is……let me know if you still have it, and how you might feel about selling it to moi!

    Much love.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Vickie– Unfortunately, sizing down from a 10.25 to 8.5 is kind of a big one and because the carved design goes all the way around the band, it’s not really feasible with this particular ring. However, I can make this ring custom to order in a size 8.5. It will not be on sale though, unfortunately.. But if this might be something you are interested in, send me an email to and I can get you more details & a quote. –cheers! cheyenne

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