nautilus shell earrings

May 17th, 2019
18K hand-carved nautilus shell earrings with diamond and coral

These were sent to me by a client as coral drops solidly affixed to a prong diamond & hooks, no articulation. They were nice looking, as these coral pieces were just lovely, but had the unfortunate tendency to push themselves up off of her ears.

So, we redesigned them to articulate & reset the diamonds in little custom-carved nautilus-inspired shells.

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seahorse clasp

April 25th, 2019
18K custom hand-carved Seahorse Clasp

This little cuteness is a hook-style clasp carved like a seahorse. 18K.

(And those baroque Tahitian pearls, by the way, are up for grabs 🙂 A recent acquisition from the Tucson Gem show.

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amethyst pendant

April 24th, 2019
Custom designed & carved Amethyst pendant: 14K apple blossoms & songbird

This was a stone sent to me by the client: she wanted it removed from the current setting (a very simple and clunky prong situation) and have it remade into a new little something-something. It’s hard to judge scale from the photo, but the stone is about 1 inch in diameter—HUGE!

Custom designed & carved Amethyst pendant: 14K apple blossoms & songbird

The new something: a custom designed Apple Blossoms & Songbird pendant in 14K gold. It turned out so nicely!!

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emerald cabochon solitaire

April 23rd, 2019
18K custom hand-carved Rococo Emerald & diamond Solitaire

This emerald was like a lovely drop of green jelly candy sitting on my bench. It was glowing and I felt like I could just eat it! But I didn’t, because I’m an adult.

18K custom hand-carved Rococo Emerald & diamond Solitaire

I always say this, but man, it’s so hard to get BOTH a good photo of the metal and of the stone. One looks good or the other looks good, but never both. In this case, the emerald showed up a lot darker than it was in real life. But the gold part sure photographed nicely.

18K yellow gold, emerald cab of about 3 carats, and two bright little diamonds. Rococo styling based off of my Pearl solitaire.

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rococo shell + waves solitaire

March 22nd, 2019
Hand-carved custom seashell & waves solitaire, 14K gold and diamond

This ring turned out so nicely! It is done with a Rococo style in mind: seashell & swirling gold waves and a nice D-G/VS diamond in the center. Very mermaidy!

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ginkgo wedding bands

March 18th, 2019
18K hand-carved ginkgo wedding bands

One of my very favorite sets of rings: ginkgo wedding band paired with a wide intaglio-style carved ginkgo band. 18K.

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it was sunny for two days in Portland

March 12th, 2019

Does that mean that it’s now spring? The plum trees around here think so.

Some springy images from last year’s photoshoot. More info & pretty pics after the click:

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bumblebee charm pendant

March 11th, 2019
Hand-carved Bumblebee pendant for Appalachian Trail NOBO through-hiker

This was a commission from a husband to his wife who was about to complete the full northbound Appalachian Trail hike. That’s 2190.9 miles, ya’ll! I was super impressed. I’d love to do an epic hike like this someday.

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22K + tourmaline solitaire

March 8th, 2019
22K + Pariaba Tourmaline solitaire, hand-carved

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these stones? These tourmalines from Paraiba, Brazil are just an incomparable color of aqua blue, like tropical shallows. Or maybe the inside of one of those ice caves. Something about this color has just an unreal glow to it. It’s also a color that really isn’t seen in any other gemstone. There are a couple minerals that have a similar color, but they are fairly soft, and just not suitable for most jewelry.

22K + Pariaba Tourmaline solitaire, hand-carved

I carved a very minimal mounting for this stone, brought to me by the client, and cast it in this gorgeous contrasting buttery 22K. (More pics below..)

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family portrait storybook band

February 27th, 2019

Family Portrait Storybook band. This was a custom band carved with the portraits of each family member: father, mother, baby girl, and three boys.

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