bur oak bands

January 20th, 2015

18K burr oak wedding bands

I have done white oak bands in the past, and this time, I had a specific request to design a pair of wedding bands using a bur oak motif. I had actually never heard of bur oaks, but google told me all about them. They have interestingly shaped leaves (they are also very large; dark glossy green on top, and whitish/silvery green underneath) with almost a “waist” in the middle, the end with less defined lobes compared with a classic white oak leaf. The bark is super gnarly and deeply furrowed and the twigs have a lot of interesting texture.

Some day I’m going to run across one of these trees and I’m going to know exactly what it is. It’ll be a very exciting day.

18K burr oak wedding bands

These are done in 18K white gold, and 18K green gold. I had not yet had a chance to work in green gold, and the 18K is extremely subtle. Not GREEN-green necessarily, but a very slightly greenish gold color. I really like it!

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giant tree – waterfall – spiral storybook band

January 3rd, 2015

14K tree-waterfall-spiral storybook band

My clients sent me photos of the scenes they had in mind for this ring: a flipping ginormous gnarly old tree in Scotland, a foresty waterfall, and a rock carving form Ireland. Then I carved them around the ring! 14K white gold.

14K tree-waterfall-spiral storybook band

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22K pink sapphire solitaire

December 22nd, 2014


This is the giantest stone I’ve ever set. It’s an amazing 9+ mm diameter intense pink sapphire bezel set into 22K gold. The man’s band is also 22K. I was sweating a little setting this thing, but I prevailed and the final result was SO worth it.


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christmas 2014 order deadline: Nov. 19th

November 12th, 2014

14K mistletoe wedding band w/diamonds

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again, and I’ve been out of town so much, it really sneaked up on me. I’ll be shipping up until Dec 18th in order to ensure a by-Christmas delivery. Since I run about a month construction time for your rings, please get any orders you would like by Christmas in as soon as you possibly can. I would like to have everything set by mid next week (let’s say the 19th at the latest).

dragon lily solitaire

October 30th, 2014


14K dragon-lily ring. This ring has a tiny carved dragon head on one side of the stone, a natural Burmese ruby, then the body winds orobouros-style around the finger. On the other side of the stone is a lily, the wearer’s favorite flower.


It was really hard to photograph this ring for some reason; I felt like I just couldn’t quite capture the depth and detail from the dragon head. And I really liked how my dragon turned out; he had a good look about him.

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8mm solitaire!

October 9th, 2014

1.75ct palladium solitaire

Okay, it’s actually 7.85mm, but close enough; that works out to about 1.75ct. This is the low-profile solitaire adjusted to accommodate a fabulous sparkling giant of a stone (an Amora moissanite in this case). I even got to make it in my size!

1.75ct palladium solitaire w/22K band

The solitaire is palladium, which is a super bright white metal. I love how it looks with higher karat gold; here the narrow leaf band is 18K and the wider ridged band is 22K.

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arabesque edge band

October 6th, 2014


This is the man’s band I made to match with the arabesque eternity ring. I love how the super subtle intaglio-style carving along the edge here turned out. This one is 14K palladium white gold.


Check out the reflection in the band of my photo booth: looks like I’m inside an ice cave with a nice sandy floor. And with a large black boulder near the entrance (that would be my lens). Pretty cool!

kelp solitaire + rose-cut diamond

September 17th, 2014


I was terribly excited to get to make wedding rings for an old friend of mine from high school + her man. She is a diver and chose a flowy kelp motif with a peachy-hued rose-cut diamond. Fun to carve! Congratulations, Kim & Jeff!

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heart solitaire

August 26th, 2014


18K yellow gold half-carat heart-shaped diamond ring with two 3mm sapphires on either side, a blue Montana sapphire and a fancy orange-red sapphire. This is the first time I’ve designed a ring with a heart-shaped stone. Previously, I’ll admit I never gave a thought to heart-shaped stones; my brain I guess lumped them together with all things cute and folksy and it didn’t really occur to me to ever use one. But, I have to admit, I really like the cut and this shape for a faceted stone. It was challenging and really fun to design for it.

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scattered oak leaves with diamonds + sapphires

July 2nd, 2014


This is a re-vamp of an existing wedding solitaire with the addition of a few sapphires + smaller diamonds. I removed the diamond and reset it into a new hand-carved 18K yellow gold white oak leaf motif ring. The accompanying man’s band was a classic polished style with a discrete intaglio-style carving of two oak leaves on the inside of the band.



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