melissa + oli’s wedding rings

18K forget-me-not wedding bands

One of my oldest friends from when I was a kid got married recently and I got to make their rings! Forget-me-nots in 18K yellow gold with tiny 1.5mm stones in the flower centers and a single larger stone. His band had a pared-down version of the design intaglio-carved onto a wider band + a couple of flush-set stones.

I have no idea why I haven’t yet done forget-me-nots, because it makes for an awesome design motif.

More pics:

18K forget-me-not wedding bands

18K forget-me-not wedding bands

2 thoughts on “melissa + oli’s wedding rings

  1. Peg Bowden

    The forget-me-nots are splendid on these gold rings. It is a beautiful set for our friend from Oregon farm days, Melissa.

  2. Ann E. Weil

    I ran into your work on Etsy today. I knew you made jewelry but I had no idea how talented you are. I love your work. I’ll have to save and have you custom make a ring. So happy I got to see your work. We Weil’s sure are talented.
    Just wanted to tell you, nice work.

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