stones for custom pieces!

red-pink-orange rose-cut diamonds

I have, over the years, accumulated a handful of stones that would love to find a home in some sort of custom awesomeness. The above trio are some sweet red and orange translucent rose-cut diamonds. (More details & photos of these below.)

Ethiopian opal in snake ring

I could not pass this flashy Ethiopian opal up when it called out to me from the sidelines of the Tucson gem show. I think it would work nicely in my snake cocktail ring, or perhaps you have another idea?

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Red oval rose-cut diamond

This is a supercool natural color slightly orangey red oval rose-cut diamond. I think this would be sweet in a nice high karat yellow gold. But then I think everything would look good in high karat yellow gold.

Red oval rose-cut diamond

The red oval measures 7.84×9.81mm and weighs 2.77cts.


I tried to get photos of this stone under different light sources, as the colors change a little bit. Here is that big red oval alongside a pair of pears: one silvery white and the other a nice even yellow.

rose-cut diamonds

I love the nice high dome on that yellow pear.

Yellow rose-cut pear diamond

The yellow diamond pear measures 7.94×8.88mm & 2.04cts.

Silver rose-cut pear diamond

The silvery diamond pear measures 6.83×8.76mm & 1.55cts.

Round rose-cut diamonds

Oh hello! Can you guess which diamond colors I tend to favor? I cannot pass up a nice peachy diamond.

Round rose-cut diamonds

All natural colors, ranging in size from 5.05mm to 7.56mm, and .77cts to 1.93cts.

Round rose-cut diamonds

5.5mm Sapphire

Sapphires! This one is 5.42mm and weighs .88cts.

Lapis drops

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with these lapis drops, but something is coming. I like the idea of pairing them with pearls. Maybe in a high karat yellow gold..

Fire opals

I’ve actually had these guys for a while. They are super clear fire opals from Mexico, measuring ~6.5mm by 9mm. I drew a design for these a long time ago when I was practicing my rendering, but didn’t feel I had the skills to pull it off back then. I still like this design, however. I might just go for it.

Fire opal ring design

Mediterranean "oxblood" coral

Look at these guys! Natural color oxblood coral from the Mediterranean. I have some ideas of what I’m going to do with these..

Chinese freshwater baroque pearls

I have a hard time walking past awesome pearls. These are ginormous freshwater Chinese pearls and they have rainbowy iridescence & luster. Earrings, for sure.

5 thoughts on “stones for custom pieces!

  1. Andrea

    oooh I’d have a hard time passing up any of those either! The opals, the red/orange diamond trio, and the coral are especially nice…

  2. cheyenne

    I got most of these from the Tucson gem show, where I spend my time running around like a crazy person trying to see everything, and then zombie-walking glazy-eyed down the aisles barely registering what’s going on after a while. I still feel like I haven’t quite gotten my system down yet. I hadn’t considered using a contrasting color stone between the opals actually… I’ll have to play around with these guys!

  3. admin Post author

    I need to make that fire opal ring. On my to-do list. You know, when I feel like I have a spare moment for personal projects!!

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